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    Issue 12-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.V. KARAVAEVA. Qualifications of Higher Education and Professional Qualifications: Harmonization with Efforts. Pp. 5-12.
    V.S. SENASHENKO, N.A. PYKHTINA. Continuity of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs as a Key Factor of the Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Pp. 13-25
    S.Yu. NAUMOV, L.V. KONSTANTINOVA. Involvement of Business Representatives in Educational Activities of Universities: Problems and Solutions. Pp. 26-34
    Sociology of Education
    O.I. KRUSHELNITSKAYA, M.V. POLEVAYA. Dependence of First-Year Students' Motivation on the Chosen Area of Training or Specialty). Pp. 35-45
    O.A. DOSHCHANNIKOVA, YU.N. PHILIPPOV, E.S. BOGOMOLOVA, A.L. HLAPOV. To the Question of Improving Mechanisms of Targeted Training of Medical Students. Pp. 46-53
    M.V. PEVNAYA, D.F. TELEPAEVA. Development of Sport Volunteering at Universities of the Ural Federal District. Pp. 54-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2017 „.
    Issue 11-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.A. SHEKHONIN, V.A. TARLYKOV, A.O. VOZNESENSKAYA, A.V. BAKHOLDIN. Harmonization of Qualifications in Higher Education and in the Job Market. Pp. 5-11
    S.M. KOSENOK. Implementation of the Policy of Regionalization of Education in the Activities of the University. Pp. 12-19
    B.A. SAZONOV. Classification of Professional Educational Programs in the Russian Federation: Problems and Possible Decisions. Pp. 20-30
    Project "Synergy - 2017"
    S.V. YUSHKO, V.G. IVANOV, V.V. KONDRATYEV. Conceptions of Engineering Education for the Petrochemical Complex of Russia as a Way to University of a New Type. Pp. 33-42
    I.R. AGAMIRZIAN, E.A. KROUK, V.B. PROKHOROVA. Some Modern Approaches to Engineering Education. Pp. 43-48
    Ph. A. SANGER. Development of Technologies and Innovations in a Modern University: International Multi-Disciplinary Student Teams Solving Real Problems for Industry. Pp. 49-53
    P.N. OSIPOV. Engineering Pedagogy: From Collaborative Learning to Universal Synergy. Pp. 54-60
    V.S. SHEINBAUM. Interdisciplinary Activity Training in Virtual Engineering Environment: An Actual State and Prospects. Pp. 61-68
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2017 „.
    Issue 10-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    R.G. STRONGIN. University Administration in the Contemporary Conditions.Pp. 5-12
    G.N. MOTOVA. Evolution of Accreditation System in Russian Higher Education.Pp. 13-25
    N.V. POPOVA. Key Issues of Contemporary Educational Policy and Practice.Pp. 26-38
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Pedagogical Optimist or Pedagogical Pessimist: Who Am I?Pp. 39-46
    A.A. POLONNIKOV. A "Semiological Turn" in Pedagogical Sciences.Pp. 47-57
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Another Twist ... The Answer to A. Polonnikov.Pp. 58-63
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2017 „.
    Issue 8-9-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.I. CHUCHALIN. Preparation of PhD Students for Pedagogical Activity in Higher Education. Pp. 5-21
    N.R. KAMYNINA, A.O. GRUDZINSKIY. Russia in the Bologna Process: Goal - to Enhance the Competitiveness of Higher Education. Pp. 22-31
    Engineering Pedagogy
    V.G. IVANOV, Z.S. SAZONOVA, M.B. SAPUNOV. Engineering Pedagogy: Facing Typology Challenges. Pp. 32-42
    O.V. BRUSNIK, E.A. MURATOVA. Methodology to Design Professional Competences in the Field of Oil and Gas Industry. Pp. 43-49
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2017 „.
    Issue 7-2017

    Higher School Pedagogy
    V.L. PETROV, Yu.E. BABICHEV. Models of Scholarship Training Programs for Highly Qualified Personnel. Pp. 5-14
    Yu.S. KLOCHKOV, A.D. SHADRIN. Management Standardization for Sustained Success as a Compulsory Discipline in Training Specialists. Pp. 15-20
    S.V. STEPANOVA. On the Assessment of the Quality of Bachelor's Thesis. Pp. 21-25
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    V.P. BABINTSEV. Corporate Relations in Russian Universities: Breaking Tradition. Pp. 26-35
    A.V. KORZHUEV, I.I. KHERSONSKIY, A.R. SADYKOVA. Dialogue as an Instrument of Pedagogical Research. Pp. 36-45
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2017 „.
    Issue 6-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    V.S. SENASHENKO. On the Reforming of National Higher Education System. Pp. 5-15
    Yu.B. RUBIN, M.V. LEDNEV, D.P. MOZHZHUKHIN. The Matrix of Competencies as a Tool of Entrepreneurship Bachelor Education. Pp. 16-28
    D.P. DANILAEV, N.N. MALIVANOV. The Modern Conditions and the Structure of Interaction between Universities, Students and Employers. Pp. 29-35
    Higher School Pedagogy
    I.E. ABRAMOVA, O.M. SHEREKHOVA, E.P. SHISHMOLINA. Student Created Videos in English Language Teaching. Pp. 36-43
    E.N. PEREVOSHCHIKOVA. An Innovative Approach to the Development of Master Programme in Teacher Education. Pp. 44-50
    I.O. LEUSHIN, I.V. LEUSHINA. Some Problems of Student Individual Work Organization at Technical University. Pp. 51-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2017 „.
    Issue 5-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.K. GITMAN, M.B. GITMAN, V.Yu. STOLBOV, A.P. CHUGUNOV. Some Problems of the Organization of Network Interuniversity Interaction. Pp. 5-14
    G.E. VESELOV, N.A. LYZ', A.E. LYZ'. Construction of the Future: The Experience of Phased Improvement of Engineering Education. Pp. 15-22
    A.V. MALTSEV, A.V. TOMILTSEV. Monitoring of Quality of Educational Achievements: Subject, Functions, Methods. Pp. 23-33
    Sociology of Education
    N.A. EKIMOVA. Curtailment of Educational Potential of Russian Regions. Pp. 34-44
    E.A. OPFER. Higher Pedagogical Education and Employers: Principles of Collaboration. Pp. 45-51
    G.N. KRAYNOV. Whether There Will Be an Effect from the Effective Contract in System of Higher Education? Pp. 52-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2017 „.
    Issue 4 - 2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    B.I. BEDNYI. A New Postgraduate School Model: Pro et Contra. Pp. 5-16
    A.I. CHUCHALIN, N.V. DANEIKINA. Application of CDIO Approach to MSc and PhD Engineering Programs. Pp. 17-25
    Sociology of Education
    S.S. DONETSKAYA. The Statistics of Awarded Doctoral Degrees: Changes after the Reform of the Higher Attestation Commission. Pp. 26-37
    G.E. ZBOROVSKY, P.A. AMBAROVA. Growing Up" of Students as a Phenomenon of Changing Higher Education. Pp. 38-49
    Academic Writing
    E.M. BAZANOVA, I.B. KOROTKINA. Russian Writing Centers Consortium. Pp. 50-57
    V.V. LEVCHENKO, E.V. AGRIKOVA, M.A. VORONINA. Development of Academic Communication Skills: Methods of Work Organization. Pp. 58-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2017 „.
    Issue 3-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.R. ALAVERDOV, N.V. GROMOVA. Scientific and Pedagogical Workers and Administrative Staff: Conflict of Interest or Constructive Interaction? Pp. 5-16
    D.A. SEVOSTYANOV. Plagiarism in Modern Education: A Problem or a Symptom? Pp. 17-25
    E.I. TRUBNIKOVA. The Information Asymmetry and Tendencies of the Market of Scientific Publications. Pp. 26-36
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    N.I. MARTISHINA. Discursive Practices of Education and Change of Paradigm. Pp. 37-42
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Humanities Lecturer in e-Learning Mode: "Soul Excitement". Pp. 43-51
    S.I. POZDEEVA. University Teacher: Methodologist, Researcher, Novator? Pp. 52-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2017 „.
    Issue 2-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    STRONGIN, R.G., CHUPRUNOV, E.V. University as a Network Center for Vocational Guidance and Socialization of an Individual. Pp. 5-14
    SHESTAK, V.P. Triple Helix Model, Novel State Educational Standards and Educational Programs at the Universities of Russia. Pp. 15-23
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    POLONNIKOV, A.A.The Modern Educational Situation: Descriptive Approaches and Discursive Responsibility. Pp. 26-35
    SENASHENKO, V.S. On the Prestige of the University Teacher Profession, Postgraduate Academic Degrees and Titles. Pp. 36-44
    POLUPAN, K.L. Reconstruction of Pedagogical Activities in Higher Education. Pp. 45-51
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2017 „.
    Issue 1-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    POPOVA, N.G., BIRICHEVA, E.V. Training Young Researchers at the Postgraduate Level: In Search of a Goal. Pp. 5-14
    KOROTKINA, I.B. On "Road Maps", the "Ranking Rush" and Academic Writing. Pp. 15-24
    SPIRIDONOVA, E.A. About Some AmbiguousTendencies in Russian Higher School. Pp. 25-34
    Sociology of Education
    SHMATKO, N.A., VOLKOVA, G.L. Mobility and Career Opportunities of Researchers on the Labour Market. Pp. 35-46
    PUGACH, V.F. Teachers' Age in Russian Higher Education Institutions: What is the Problem? Pp. 47-55
    REZNIK, S.D., YUDINA, T.A. The Reputational Liability of a Higher Education Institution: Problems, Experience, Prospects. Pp. 56-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2017 „.
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