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    Issue 12-2014

    Practice of education modernization
    STRONGIN R.G., CHUPRUNOV E.V. Innovative education: the role of forestall strategy and integration. Pp. 5-14
    KUDRYASHOVA E.V., MORSCHIKHINA L.A. Networked electronic library of the federal universities: the new format of the research and education space. Pp. 14-19
    SOLOMIN V.P., GROMOVA L.A. Management of the university structural units during restructuring. Pp. 19-25
    Higher school pedagogy
    ROZOV N. KH. Timeless appeal of the teaching profession. Pp. 26-35
    MOSKVINA N.B. Higher school teacher's professional activity: problem of the destruction of meaning. Pp. 36-42
    SYSOEVA E.YU. Personality-oriented technologies for university teachers' qualification raising system. Pp. 42-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2014 .
    Issue 11-2014

    Practice of education modernization
    GRYAZEV M.V., RUDNEV S.A., ANISIMOVA M.A., BLYAKHEROV I.S. Module plans as a means for efficient implementation of university educational programs on the basis of FSES3+. Pp. 5-17
    ENDOVITSKIY D.A., BUBNOV Y.A., GAIDAR K.M. Increased volume of documents circulation as a factor of decline of university's economic efficiency. Pp. 17-24
    KOSHKIN V.I., GORDEEV A.I., BELOTSERKOVSKY A.V., KAPLUNOV I.A., MALTSEVA A.A., PUSTOVALOVA E.L. Improving the efficiency of national student competition. Pp. 25-30
    Philosophy of education and science
    VALITSKAYA A. P. Russian intellectual potential and teacher education. Pp. 31-37
    GOROKHOV V.G. Technoscience as a new stage in the development of modern science and technology. Pp. 37-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2014 .
    Issue 10-2014

    Practice of education modernization
    GUSLYAKOVA E.V., DEMCHUK A.L., TELESHOVA I.G. Inclusion of the Russian higher education system into the European higher education area. Pp. 5-10
    LAZAREV G. I., TERENT'EVA T.V. Innovative approaches to university scientific research management in new terms of a state policy. Pp. 10-18
    NIKOLENKO V.N., VYALKOV A.I., MARTYNCHIK S.A., GLUKHOVA E.A. Approaches to assessing the effectiveness and ways to encourage the publication activity in the large medical school. Pp. 18-25
    Sociology of education
    CHUCHALIN A.I., TAYURSKAYA M.S., MURATOVA E.A. Stakeholders' evaluation of learning outcomes in educational quality assurance system. Pp. 26-35
    ARZHANYKH E.V., GURKINA O.A., TEREKHOVA A.M. Employment of graduates with disabilities. Pp. 35-44
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2014 .
    Issue 8-9-2014

    Practice of education modernization
    KARAVAEVA E.V. Recommended procedure for higher education programs design. Pp. 5-15
    GURTOV V.A., SHCHEGOLEVA L.V. Publication activity of members of dissertation councils at universities in Russia. Pp. 16-26
    Engineering pedagogy
    TKHAGAPSOYEV KH.G., YAKHUTLOV M.M. Problems of engineering education in modern Russia: the methods of analysis and ways of solving. Pp. 27-36
    KORCHAGIN E.A., SAFIN R.S., VILDANOV I.E., ABITOV R.N. The pedagogical training of future university professors at engineering education institutions. Pp. 36-44
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2014 .
    Issue 7-2014

    Practice of education modernization
    SEROSHTAN M.V., VLADIMIRSKIY B.M. Ranking Russian universities: how to measure? Pp. 5-10.
    ABLAMEIKO S.V., ZHURAVKOV M.A., SAMOKHVAL V.V., KHUKHLYNDINA L.M. New CIS university league tables - correlations with the webometrics rankings. Pp. 11-22.
    NAZAROVA I.R. Foresight in future studies of Russian education. Pp. 22-29.
    Education and science
    DIEV V.S. Historical context of managerial decisions in Russian science and higher education. Pp. 31-36.
    ZINEVICH O.V., RUZANKINA E.A. University as a scientific and social institute in the contemporary Russian society. Pp. 37-43.
    NIKITENKO E.V. Trends in higher education in Russia in terms of its modernization. Pp. 44-49.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2014 .
    Issue 6-2014

    Practice of education modernization
    DANILOV F.N., KON E.L., LOBOV N.V., MATUSHKIN N.N., FREYMAN V.I., YUZHAKOV A.A. Practice of independently established standards for higher education and programs development and application. Pp. 5-13.
    EGORSHIN A.P., GUS'KOVA I.V. Higher education in Russia: achievements, problems, prospects. Pp. 14-21.
    PASHKOVSKAYA M.V. New providers in the higher education market. Pp. 21-27.
    Engineering pedagogy
    AUER M.E. The International Society of Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) and the New Pedagogic Challenges in Engineering Education. Pp. 28-33.
    BEDNYI B.I., KAZANTSEV V.B., CHUPRUNOV E.V. Research schools as organizational system for training of PhD students. Pp. 34-42.
    IVANOV V.G., BARABANOVA S.V., KHATSRINOVA O.YU. Raising qualification of engineering personnel: organizational novations and educational technologies. Pp. 43-50.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2014 .
    Issue 5-2014

    Practice of education modernization
    PLEVE I.R., KHRAMOV A.E., IVANOV A.V., KHRAMOVA M.V., MOSKALENKO O.I. Research and education center as a 'point of growth' of innovation development of a technical university. Pp. 5-11
    GURTOV V.A., SEROVA L.V., STEPUS' I.S., FEDOROVA E.A., MOROZ D.M. Development of the graduates' employment monitoring system. Pp. 11-23
    GAMUKIN V.V. Economy of higher education: space of risks and threats. Pp. 23-33
    Applied research and development
    SENASHENKO V.S., MEDNIKOVA T.B. Competency-based approach in higher education: a myth and reality. Pp. 34-46
    GITMAN E.K., GITMAN M.B., STOLBOV V.YU., STOLBOVA I.D. On the concept of the development of new federal state higher education standards. Pp. 46-54
    LAVRENT'EVA E.A. Applied bachelor degree: prospects and problems. Pp. 54-60
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2014 .
    Issue 4 - 2014

    Engineering pedagogy
    Traditions and innovations in engineering pedagogy
    PRIKHOD'KO V.M., SAZONOVA Z.S. Engineering pedagogy as the base for training of modern engineers and academic staff of technical universities. Pp. 6-12
    VERBITSKY A.A. Teacher as a main subject of the education reform. Pp. 13-20
    MININ M.G., BELOMESTNOVA E. N., BENSON G.F., PAKANOVA V.S. Lecturers' pedagogic training at engineering university. Pp. 21-29
    MURATOVA E.I., KRASNYANSKIY M.N., VOYAKINA E.YU. Improving of management processes of highly qualified personnel training at a regional university. Pp. 30-39
    KIM I.N. Professional activities of the universities' teaching staff: set patterns and need for changes. Pp. 39-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2014 .
    Issue 3-2014

    Modernization practice
    PRIKHOD'KO V.M., SOLOVYEV A.N. Engineering pedagogy as a basis for staffing of higher technical education. Pp. 5-11
    DMITRIEV S.M., SHIRIAEV M.V., MITYAKOV S.N. Economic security of the technical university: system of indicators. Pp. 11-20
    MESKHI B.CH., PUSTOVAYA L.E., DYMNIKOVA O.V. Organization of multilevel continuous ecological education. Pp. 20-29
    Crossroads of opinions
    ANDREEV A.L. The perspectives of education: competences, intellectual environments, transdisciplinarity. Pp. 30-41
    KOCHETKOV M.V. Innovations and pseudoinnovations in higher school. Pp. 41-47
    ROBOTOVA A.S. Ambiguous processes in higher education pedagogy. Pp. 47-54
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2014 .
    Issue 2-2014

    Modernization practice
    Chuchalin A.I. Academic programme objectives and learning outcomes. P. 5-16
    Zernov V.A. Is it possible to have in Russia our own Stanford? P. 16-22
    Rotkov L.Yu., Abramov A.N., Simonov A.V., Rug A.V. Topical questions of officers' preparation at civilian higher education institutions. P. 23-29
    Crossroad of opinions
    Babintsev V.P. Bureaucratization of a regional university. P. 30-37
    khagapsoev H.G. Regional university falls out of education development in Russia. P. 38-42
    Svostyanov D.A., Gainanova A.R. Value of education: inversion of meanings. P. 43-48
    Lobanova N.I. Education and understanding (To The question of applicability of a technological approach in pedagogy). P. 48-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2014 .
    Issue 1-2014

    Modernization practice
    Belotserkovsky A.V. On ratings and ranks. P. 3-10
    Rubvalter D.A., Bogachyov Ju.S., Shestak V.P. Higher education institutions in the space of indicators of the international ratings. P. 11-19
    Donetskaya S.S. The analysis of the competitiveness of Russian universities in world rankings. P. 20-31
    Sociology of education
    Popova E.S. Motivation and future choice in educational strategies of youth. P. 32-37
    Maloshonok N. Student engagement in learning in Russian universities. P. 37-44
    Popova I.P. Unclaimed "demanded profession" in the careers of law graduates. P. 45-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2014 .
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