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    Issue 12-2013

    Modernization practice
    Alexandrov A.A., Fedorov I.B., Medvedev V.E. Engineering education today: problems and solutions. Pp. 3-8
    Zhurakovsky V.M. Some results and prospects of national research universities' activities. Pp. 9-20
    Mudrova E.B., Vinogradova E.B. State as an investor and customer in postgraduate education: national research universities network. Pp. 21-31
    International scientific forum
    International forum in Kazan. Pp. 32-34
    Dyakonov G.S. The global tasks of engineering education and engineers' training at national research university. Pp. 35-40
    Buchanan W.W. Role of the American society for engineering education in encouraging distance education and other methods to reduce costs of engineering education. Pp. 41-45
    Prikhodko V.M. "Sustainable development" as the modern objective of engineering education. Pp. 45-50
    Ivanov V.G., Abzalilova L.R. State policy in engineering education: the regional view. Pp. 50-55
    Ovsienko L.V., Zimina I.V., Klintsova N.N., Muller Fr. Research and academic cluster as a model of network cooperation. Pp. 55-59
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2013 .
    Issue 11-2013

    Modernization practice
    CHUCHALIN A.I., PETROVSKAYA T.S., CHERNOVA O.S. Net interaction of institutions of higher education and vocational education while implementing programmes of "applied baccalaureat". Pp. 3-10
    DOROZHKIN E.M., DAVYDOVA N.N. Development of educational institutions within the network interaction. Pp. 11-17
    MIRONOV V.V., GURTOV V.A., ILYASOV E.P. State measures on organization of interaction between institutions of professional education and employers in order to ensure successful employment of graduates. Pp. 17-21
    Sociology of education
    SERYAKOVA S.B., KRASINSKAYA L.F. Reorganization of higher education through the eyes of lecturers: study results. Pp. 22-30
    BOKHAN T.G., ALEKSEEVA L.F., YAZIKOV K.G., SHABALOVSKAYA M.V., MOREVA S.A. The image of professional future for medical students in crisis stages of training. Pp. 30-37
    SHMURATKO D.V. Students' participation in fundamental scientific research. Pp. 37-40
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2013 .
    Issue 10-2013

    Modernization practice
    SENASHENKO V.S., TKACH G.F. Students' academic performance assessment systems as a tool to control the level of mastery of educational programs. P. 3-13
    PROKHOROV V.A. To the question of engineering education modernization. P. 13-19
    GURTOV V.A., PITOUKHIN E.A., NASADKIN M.YU. The effectiveness of higher education institutions in terms of graduates employment. P. 19-27
    Crossroad of opinions
    ROBOTOVA A.S. Invisible laboratory of university lecturer's mental work. P. 28-34
    NOVIKOV A.N., NOVIKOVA M.S. Specific character of pedagogical higher education in the conditions of pedagogical institutes reorganization. P. 34-38
    MAIDACHEVSKY D.YA. Misadventures of economic history in modern Russian higher school: "Who is in fault" and "What is to be done"? P. 39-44
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2013 .
    Issue 8-9-2013

    Modernization practice
    Mosicheva I.A., Karavaeva E.V., Petrov V.L. Realization of doctoral training programs based on the federal law "On education in the Russian Federation". P. 3-10
    Chuprunov E.V., Strongin R.G., Grudzinskiy A.O. The concept and the experience in designing the strategy for innovative development of university. P. 11-18
    Prikhodko V.M., Petrova L.G., Solovyev A.N. The new format of solving the tasks of the international integration of engineering education. P. 18-24
    Crossroad of opinions
    Ablameyko S.V., Zhuravkov M.A., Samokhval V.V. Performance of the CIS higher education institutions in the global webometric ranking by institutional profile. P. 25-31
    Seroshtan M.V., Vladimirskiy B.M. What kind of university ranking system do we need? P. 32-39
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2013 .
    Issue 7-2013

    Modernization practice
    Strongin R.G., Petrov A.V. On the value guidelines of Russian students and on fostering the moral foundations of society. P. 3-9
    Andronchev I.K., Krasinskaya L.F. Training specialists for transport industry: problems and prospects. P. 10-15
    Evseev S.P., Taimazov V.A., Filippov S.S. Scientific and pedagogical schools as an important factor of modernization of physical culture and sports education. P. 15-21
    Crossroad of opinions
    Belotserkovsky A.V. On the quality of quantity and the quantity of quality. P. 22-29
    Konstantinova L.V. Problems of a magistracy development in the conditions of higher education reforming. P. 30-36
    Kon E.L., Freyman V.I., Yuzhakov A.A., Kon E.M. The approach to formation of the competence component structure. P. 37-41
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2013 .
    Issue 6-2013

    Modernization practice
    Grigoriev S.N., Eleneva Yu. Ya. Personnel training for the defense-industrial complex of Russia: problems and ways of their solution. P. 3-11
    Afanasiev D.V., Gryzlov V.S. Competence approach and a credit-modular system of training. P. 11-18
    Korchagin E.A., Safin R.S. Intgration as a basis of degree-oriented education in scientific-educational cluster. P. 19-25
    Traditions and innovations in engineering pedagogy
    Prikhodko V.M., Solovyev A.N. IGIP and engineering education in Russia and in the world. P. 26-32
    Verbitsky A.A., Puchkova E.B. The potential of tests as a means of education quality diagnostics: myths and reality. P. 33-44
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2013 .
    Issue 5-2013

    Modernization practice
    Belotserkovsky A.V., Kravtsova L.A., Dozhdikov .V. Independent assessment of bachelors quality. P. 3-12
    Borovskaya M A., Masych M.A., Shevchenko I.K. Principles and applications of effective incentive contract in research and teaching staff in higher school. 13-20
    Rubin B. Yu., Kovalenko A.A., Semkina T.A., Soboleva E.A. About approaches to creation of all-Russian quality assurance agencies register. P. 20-34
    Crossroads of opinions
    Donskih O.A. A Matter of competency-based approach. P. 36-45
    Rovotova A.S. Teachers reflections about the purport of master courses. P. 45-50
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2013 .
    Issue 4 - 2013

    Modernization practice
    Zernov V.A. Non-governmental higher educational establishments of Russia: modern state, tendencies and perspectives. P. 3-11
    Chuchalin A.I. Applying international engineering alliance standards in design and quality assurance of the higher and intermediate vocational training. P. 12-25
    Crossroad of opinions
    Laptev V.V., Pisareva S.A., Tryapitsyna A.P. Scientific degree in Russia: reality and prospects. P. 26-37
    Belotserkovsky A.V. Obtaining scholarly degrees in Russia: who and what to defend from. P. 37-44
    Porus V.N. Scientific degree as a "curve mirror" of Russian science. P. 44-54
    Senashenko V.S. On some problems of preparation specialists of higher qualification. P. 54-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2013 .
    Issue 3-2013

    Modernization practice
    Aniskina N.N. New prospects of vocational education and training. P. 3-10
    Starodubtsev V.A., Solovyov M.A. The informal support of higher education. P. 10-19
    Serova L.M., Mazaeva K.A. Graduates' employment according to vocational education institutions monitoring. P. 20-27
    Crossroads of opinions
    Kleeva L.P., Kleev I.V. Education system as an element of innovation system. P. 28-36
    Karpov A.O. Open innovation and education. P. 37-44
    Higher education in the field of arts and culture in the Russian Far East (Interview with the rector of Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture Skorinov S.N.) P. 45-51
    Savelova E.V. Constructivism and creative activity as factors of modern education development. P. 52-57
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2013 .
    Issue 2-2013

    Modernization practice
    Borovskaya M.A., Masych M.A., Bechvaya M.R. Analysis of compensation systems of higher education institutions employees. P. 3-8
    Seliverstova O.I. Modernization of the education system within the context of Russia' accession to World Trade Organization. P. 9-16
    Korshunov S.V., Zyryanov V.V. Introduction of federal state educational standards of higher education: the first year of work in estimations and opinions of experts. . 16-27.
    International Scientific School
    Engineering education in international context (review). P. 28-32
    Diakonov G.S., Ivanov V.G. The problems of engineering education and training of engineering personnel in chemical technology in conditions of Russia's WTO accession. P. 33-38
    Auer M., Dobrovska D., Edwards A., Likl E. New pedagogic challenges in engineering education and the answer of IGIP. P. 39-45
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2013 .
    Issue 1-2013

    Modernization practice
    Karavaeva E.V., Teleshova I.G., Uliyanova M.E., Echenike V.J. Applicability of the methodological principles of European education at Russian universities. P. 3-13
    Chuchalin A.I., Epikhin A.V., Muratova E.A. Planning the assessment of learning outcomes in educational programs design. P. 13-20
    Sosnin N.V. About structure of curriculum for competence model of higher education. P. 20-23
    Crossroads of opinions
    Tlostanova M.V. University of 21st century: contours in the context of modernity crisis. P. 24-36
    Shestak V.., Shestak N.V. Discourse on the World University Rankings: the English lesson for university. P. 37-47
    Senashenko V.S. Education and globalization processes. P. 48-53
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2013 .
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