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    .: Issue 8-9-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    I.V. ARZHANOVA, D.V. DYDZINSKAYA, E.A. MUSINA, P.S. SELEZNEV. Foreign Students' Study in the "Flagship Universities" of the Russian Federation within the Context of "Soft Power" Implementation. Pp. 9-20
    L.V. SHCHEGOLEVA, V.A. GURTOV, S.I. PAKHOMOV. National Research Universities: Training of Highly Qualified Scientific Personnel under Development Programmes. Pp. 21-35
    V.A. GAISENOK, O.A. NAUMOVICH, V.V. SAMOKHVAL, V.M. GALYNSKY. International Ratings of Higher Education Institutions: Analysis of Results Taking into Account the Profile of Their Educational and Scientific Activities. Pp. 36-43
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    B.I. BEDNYI, A.A. MIRONOS, N.V. RYBAKOV. Doctoral Education as an Institutional Resource for Training Research and Higher Education Personnel (Article 1). Pp. 44-54
    G.U. MATUSHANSKY, G.V. ZAVADA, Yu.G. MATUSHANSKAYA. Barriers Impeding Postgraduate Training and Dissertation Submission and Defense. Pp. 55-66
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2019 Philosophy of Science and Education
    I.A. KOLESNIKOVA. Post-pedagogical Syndrome of the Digimodernism Age. Pp. 67-82
    Kh.G. TKHAGAPSOEV. University: Toward "Beyond the Horizon" Strategy. Pp. 83-90
    Higher School Pedagogy
    S.B. PERESLEGIN, A.A. KOROLEV, S.A. KURASHOVA. Two-Semester Physics Course for Bachelors at Technical University. Pp. 91-99
    V.V. BULGAKOV. Reforming the Departmental Higher Education Institutions: A Critical Analysis. Pp. 100-109
    Education Online
    N.V. DNEPROVSKAYA, I.V. SHEVTSOVA. Prospects for University's Open Educational Resources. Pp. 110-118
    V.A. STARODUBTSEV, O.V. SITNIKOVA, O.B. LOBANENKO. Optimization of Online Course Content According to Users Activity Statistics. Pp. 119-127
    Medical Pedagogy
    Yaroslavl State Medical University: Confident Steps to the Future. P. 128
    A.V. PAVLOV. Yaroslavl State Medical University on the Threshold of 75th Anniversary. Pp. 129-137
    M.P. POTAPOV. The Role of Simulation Educational Technologies in Teaching Doctors. Pp. 138-148
    P.S. ZHBANNIKOV, V.I. GOROKHOV. Modern Approaches to Continuous Professional Education of Specialists at Medical University. Pp. 149-157
    N.T. EREGINA. From the History of State Examination in Higher Medical School. Pp. 158-167

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