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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 8-9-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Mosicheva I.A., Karavaeva E.V., Petrov V.L. Realization of doctoral training programs based on the federal law "On education in the Russian Federation". P. 3-10
    Chuprunov E.V., Strongin R.G., Grudzinskiy A.O. The concept and the experience in designing the strategy for innovative development of university. P. 11-18
    Prikhodko V.M., Petrova L.G., Solovyev A.N. The new format of solving the tasks of the international integration of engineering education. P. 18-24
    Crossroad of opinions
    Ablameyko S.V., Zhuravkov M.A., Samokhval V.V. Performance of the CIS higher education institutions in the global webometric ranking by institutional profile. P. 25-31
    Seroshtan M.V., Vladimirskiy B.M. What kind of university ranking system do we need? P. 32-39
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2013 University life
    Centre for Humanities in the Russian South
    Gorbunov A.P. University that opens and transforms the world (creative and innovative university) as a response to the challenges of a new era. P. 42-59
    Vorobiev G.A. E-learning environment of innovative university. P. 59-64
    Baryshnikov N.V. Ways to raise the quality of pedagogical and psychological theses. P. 65-70
    Pavlenko I.I. The place of informatization in the strategy of development of a linguistic university. P. 71-77
    Internationalization of education
    Dyukarev I.A., Kotlobovskiy I.B., Karavaeva E.V., Demchuk A.L., Teleshova I.G., Echenike V.J., Uliyanova M.E. On the "Tuning Russia" project. P. 78-87
    Discussing a problem
    Guruleva T.L., Makarov A.V. Higher linguistic education in Russia: the problems of sinologists training. P. 88-94
    Bukhman L.M., Bukhman N.S. Some disadvantages of centralized online testing. P. 95-101
    Kaznacheev S.V., Lopatina O.V., Bogolyubova Zh.Yu. Some additions to practice and theory of physical education teaching in non-sports-oriented higher education institution. P. 101-106
    Baranov V.V., Belonovskaya I.D., Nikulina Y.N. Student's competitive resource in a regional university. P. 106-111
    Academic writing
    Bakin E. Academic writing center of higher school of economics. P. 112-116
    Venediktova T.D. Academic writing at the university of Chicago: trans-national perspective. P. 116-119
    Korotkina I. From linguistic center to academic writing center. P. 120-124
    Hot theme
    Antipov G.A. How and why it is required to study history at school as well as at university? P. 125-132 Andreev A.L. Intellectual field of history. P. 133-144 Tagirova N.F., Sumburova E.I. Historical disciplines in modern higher education institutions and their role in the formation of student's personality. P. 144-148
    For the assistance of a degree seeker
    Viktoruk E.N. Ethics of science: practical and applied mode. P. 149-155
    Editorial mail
    Berezovsky G.S., Volkhonov M.S., Ivanova A.F., Mamaeva I.A. Organization of students' independent work based on modular ranking system. P. 156-158
    Fedorova M.A. Portfolio as an efficient tool of students' research work assessment. P. 158-160
    Efremova Î.N. Organization of student self-directed learning at Tomsk Polytechnic University. P. 160-162
    Summaries P.163-166
    Authors P.166-168

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