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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 7-2020 :.

    Engineering Pedagogy
    A.I. CHUCHALIN. Evaluation of the Engineering Curriculum Elements for Compliance with the CDIO-FCDI-FFCD Standards. Pp. 9-21
    E.A. BELIAUSKENE, O.N. IMAS, S.V. KRIVIAKOV, E.V. TSAREVA. University Mathematics for Engineers: Towards Optimum Compromise between Interactive and Traditional Approaches. Pp. 22-31
    N.V. POPOVA, N.I. ALMAZOVA, T.G. EVTUSHENKO, O.V. ZINOVIEVA. Experience of Intra-University Cooperation in the Process of Creating Professionally-Oriented Foreign Language Textbooks. Pp. 32-42
    Sociology of Education
    M.V. PEVNAYA, E.A. SHUKLINA, A.N. TARASOVA, L.A. ASOYAN. Social Participation of the Russian and Armenian Students in the Socio-Cultural Development of Cities. Pp. 43-55
    I.O. LEUSHIN, I.V. LEUSHINA. Customization of a University Graduate: Illusion or Requirement of Time? Pp. 56-63
    O.S. DEYNEKA, L.N. DUKHANINA, D.V. KRYLOVA, A.A. MAKSIMENKO. Perceptions of Corruption in Higher Education among Alumni of the Leading Russian Universities. Pp. 64-74
    D.Yu. IVANOV, P.A. DMITRIEV. The Dynamics of Some Market Indicators of "Paid" Scientific Publications. Pp. 75-79
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2020 Academic Writing
    V.M. EVDASH, N.N. ZHURAVLEVA. Strategies for Overcoming University Researchers' Writer's Block. Pp. 80-88
    E.I. SHPIT, V.N. KUROVSKII. Analysing Academic Texts with Computational Linguistics Tools. Pp. 89-103
    University and Region
    Federal Research and Education Center in the Arctic Region. P. 104
    E.V. KUDRYASHOVA, M.V. NENASHEVA, A.A. SABUROV. Network Interaction of Universities in the Context of the Russian Arctic Development. Pp. 105-113
    A.V. MAKULIN, M.I. KORZINA. Knowledge Visualization Centers and University Infographics: International and Domestic Experience. Pp. 114-124
    E.V. KUDRYASHOVA, L.A. ZARUBINA, S.V. POPKOVA, N.V. BAYKINA. Potential of International Project Activity for University Development. Pp. 125-134
    N.S. AVDONINA. Development of Professional Identity in Journalism Students Using Liberal Education Methods. Pp. 135-143
    Higher Education Pedagogy
    N.B. MOSKVINA, B.E. FISHMAN. Professional Activity of a University Teacher: Personal Values and Temporal Perception. Pp. 144-155
    O.A. DYOMINA, I.A. TEPLENEVA. Modification of Teaching/Learning Strategies of University Teaching Staff. Pp. 156-167

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