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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 6-2014 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    DANILOV F.N., KON E.L., LOBOV N.V., MATUSHKIN N.N., FREYMAN V.I., YUZHAKOV A.A. Practice of independently established standards for higher education and programs development and application. Pp. 5-13.
    EGORSHIN A.P., GUS'KOVA I.V. Higher education in Russia: achievements, problems, prospects. Pp. 14-21.
    PASHKOVSKAYA M.V. New providers in the higher education market. Pp. 21-27.
    Engineering pedagogy
    AUER M.E. The International Society of Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) and the New Pedagogic Challenges in Engineering Education. Pp. 28-33.
    BEDNYI B.I., KAZANTSEV V.B., CHUPRUNOV E.V. Research schools as organizational system for training of PhD students. Pp. 34-42.
    IVANOV V.G., BARABANOVA S.V., KHATSRINOVA O.YU. Raising qualification of engineering personnel: organizational novations and educational technologies. Pp. 43-50.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2014 University life
    National Research University in Western Siberia.
    CHUBIK P.S. Tomsk Polytechnic University: promotion to world academic rankings. Pp. 52-57.
    CHUCHALIN A.I., TAYURSKAYA M.S., MYAGKOV M.G. Advanced training for management and faculty staff of Russian universities in CDIO standards implementation. Pp. 58-67.
    SOLOV'YOV M.A., KACHIN S.I., VELEDINSKAYA S.B., DOROFEEVA M.YU. E-Learning strategy at technical university. Pp. 68-76.
    CHUCHALIN A.I., SHAMRITSKAYA P.S. Pedagogical fundamentals for the development of criteria for professional accreditation of educational programs. Pp. 76-85.
    GASHEVA YU.V. Ethics of engineers: challenges of competency formation and assessment. Pp. 85-93.
    Crossroad of opinions
    MIKHAILOV O.V. Phenomenon of "VAK Journals" in the system of certification of highly qualified personnel in Russia. Pp. 94-101.
    LIPSKI S.A. About the borrowing vicarious material in science and in educational process (discussion). Pp. 101-106.
    KALLINIKOV P.E. Electronic Library Systems and media-revolution. Pp. 107-110.
    Higher school pedagogy
    VOLKOVA S.V. The concept of meaning in the context of the student-centered education. Pp. 111-117.
    BEREZOVSKAYA E.A., KRYUKOV S.V. Recruitment and retention of young lectures in higher education institutions of Russia. Pp. 117-122
    RUSANOVA D.A. The role of pedagogical control in changing approaches to learning. Pp. 123-129.
    Round table discussion
    Postgraduate programs and doctoral studies in modern conditions and a destiny of skills raising system. Pp. 130-149.
    Education online
    ANDREEV A.A. Russian open educational resources and massive online courses. Pp. 150-155.
    MITROFANOVA K.A., IVACHEV P.V., KUZ'MIN K.V. E-technology for monitoring medical student's academic performance in quality management system of education. Pp. 156-161.
    TITOVA S.V., AVRAMENKO A.P. Requirements to teachers' digital competence today. Pp. 162-167.

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