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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 5-2014 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    PLEVE I.R., KHRAMOV A.E., IVANOV A.V., KHRAMOVA M.V., MOSKALENKO O.I. Research and education center as a 'point of growth' of innovation development of a technical university. Pp. 5-11
    GURTOV V.A., SEROVA L.V., STEPUS' I.S., FEDOROVA E.A., MOROZ D.M. Development of the graduates' employment monitoring system. Pp. 11-23
    GAMUKIN V.V. Economy of higher education: space of risks and threats. Pp. 23-33
    Applied research and development
    SENASHENKO V.S., MEDNIKOVA T.B. Competency-based approach in higher education: a myth and reality. Pp. 34-46
    GITMAN E.K., GITMAN M.B., STOLBOV V.YU., STOLBOVA I.D. On the concept of the development of new federal state higher education standards. Pp. 46-54
    LAVRENT'EVA E.A. Applied bachelor degree: prospects and problems. Pp. 54-60
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2014 Higher school pedagogy
    DUL'ZON A.A., VASIL'EVA O.M. Competence (self)assessment interactive system of Tomsk Polytechnic University academic staff. Pp. 61-72
    YARUCHKINA N.G., TRONIN V.G. Evaluation ratings of engineering university activities. Pp. 72-79
    OBUKHOVETS V.A. Computer aided design systems as an effective instrument for engineering students training on high-tech courses. Pp. 80-86
    IGNATOVA I.G., BALASHOV A.G., SOKOLOVA N.YU. Interdisciplinary projects as a method of competence building in the process of educational programs realization. Pp. 86-92
    University life
    North-Eastern Federal University: aspiration towards perfection. Pp. 93-98
    NOGOVITSYN R.R., VINOKUROV A.A. The Arctic innovative center s a resource for innovative development of university infrastructure. Pp. 99-105
    KORNILOV T.A., ARKHANGELSKAYA E.A. he development of the technical education in NEFU. Pp. 106-110
    BELOLYUBSKAYA V.G. The languages of the Northern indigenous minorities: history and modernity. Pp. 110-115
    SLEPTSOV A.N. Arctic development vector of North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov. Pp. 115-122
    PETROVA S.M. The role of the department "Russian as a foreign language" in NEFU international cooperation. Pp. 122-129
    MAKAROV N.M. The department of highways and aerodromes in the construction of the road system in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Pp. 129-133
    Internationalization of education
    MELIKYAN A.V. Mergers and acquisitions of universities in Russia and abroad. Pp. 134-145
    INOZEMTSEVA K.M. Internationalization in higher professional education in Russia: background, gears, incentives, language policy. Pp. 145-152
    Facts, comments, notes
    KHARITONOV E.A., MIKHAILOV O.V., KHARITONOVA N.E. The opinion about the rating system in national research university. Pp. 153-156
    VENEDIKTOVA T.D. Writing: global problem and concern. Pp. 156-159

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