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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 4-2014 :.

    Engineering pedagogy
    Traditions and innovations in engineering pedagogy
    PRIKHOD'KO V.M., SAZONOVA Z.S. Engineering pedagogy as the base for training of modern engineers and academic staff of technical universities. Pp. 6-12
    VERBITSKY A.A. Teacher as a main subject of the education reform. Pp. 13-20
    MININ M.G., BELOMESTNOVA E. N., BENSON G.F., PAKANOVA V.S. Lecturers' pedagogic training at engineering university. Pp. 21-29
    MURATOVA E.I., KRASNYANSKIY M.N., VOYAKINA E.YU. Improving of management processes of highly qualified personnel training at a regional university. Pp. 30-39
    KIM I.N. Professional activities of the universities' teaching staff: set patterns and need for changes. Pp. 39-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2014 Discussing a problem
    DMITRIEV S.M., SHIRYAEV M.V., MITYAKOV S.N. Economic security of technical university: the analysis of dynamics of indicators on the example of NSTU n.a. R.E. Alekseev. Pp. 48-56
    MANSUROVA F.P. Modular approach to the music-pedagogic training. Pp. 56-62
    TESLENKO V.I., LATYNCEV S.V., PROKOPYEVA N.V. Development of students' competences during the pedagogical practice. Pp. 63-68
    University life
    Centre for pedagogical education in Kuban
    GALUSTOV A.R. Teacher as a key figure in modernization of education. Pp. 70-76
    VETROV YU. P., LOBA V. E. University research for regional development. Pp. 77-82
    TKACHENKO I.V. Professional training of psychologists: the need for structural transformations. Pp. 82-90
    GLUKHOV V.S., GALUSTOV R.A. Effective mechanisms and a model of search, development and support of talented students in pedagogical higher education institution. Pp. 90-97
    BEL'CHENKO V.E. Technology of organization of website of the institution based on the division of rights and responsibilities of structural units. Pp. 97-101
    LYSYTSKAYA L.G. Modern mediatext: its role in the language training of the bachelors. Pp. 101-106
    Sociology of education
    KRYLOVA V.A. The forms of freshmen's adaptation during the session. Pp. 107-113
    MERKULOVA O.P., DANILENKO A.S. Psychological preconditions of student's plagiarism. Pp. 114-121
    VASENINA I.V., KUKHTEVICH T.N. Language aggression on the Internet - call moral imperatives. Pp. 121-125
    Education online
    GOSTIN A.M., PANYUKOVA S.V. Creation and maintenance of the career web-portfolio of students: problems and solutions. Pp. 126-130
    KULIKOVA S.V., KAMENEVA N.A. Using Internet sources in teaching economic subjects. Pp. 130-135
    LEGAN M.V., YATSEVICH T.A. Implementation of blended learning model based on NSTU distance learning system. Pp. 136-141
    Pages of history
    AVDEEVA A.D. Primary medical preparation in theological colleges of pre-revolutionary Russia. Pp. 142-146
    TIMIRGAZIEVA A.I. Features of the organization of educational process in Soviet higher school. Pp. 146-151
    Facts, comments, notes
    PAVLYUCHENKO YU.V. Teaching mathematics for humanities students. Pp. 152-157
    MONAKHOV D.N. Mobile learning in conditions of information inequality. Pp. 157-159
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