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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 4-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Zernov V.A. Non-governmental higher educational establishments of Russia: modern state, tendencies and perspectives. P. 3-11
    Chuchalin A.I. Applying international engineering alliance standards in design and quality assurance of the higher and intermediate vocational training. P. 12-25
    Crossroad of opinions
    Laptev V.V., Pisareva S.A., Tryapitsyna A.P. Scientific degree in Russia: reality and prospects. P. 26-37
    Belotserkovsky A.V. Obtaining scholarly degrees in Russia: who and what to defend from. P. 37-44
    Porus V.N. Scientific degree as a "curve mirror" of Russian science. P. 44-54
    Senashenko V.S. On some problems of preparation specialists of higher qualification. P. 54-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2013 University life
    Base centre for teachers' training
    Kadakin V.V., Shukshina T.I. Development of pedagogical institute as a base teachers' training centre (the example of the Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute named after M.E. Evseviev) . P. 60-68
    Shubiną O.S., Melnikova N.A. The role of the research and education center "Science education" in training natural science teachers. P. 68-73
    Vetoshkin A.A., Nuzhdina A.V., Piskunova S.I. School of foreign languages "Language mosaic" in the innovative structure of the Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute. P. 73-76
    Ryabova N.V., Gamayunova A.N. Research laboratory at pedagogical college. P. 77-81
    Zhuiną D.V. Acmeological center in university educational space. P. 81-86
    Vardanyan Y.V. Ņhe dissemination of the innovative experience as a factor of modernization of pedagogical education. P. 86-91
    Martynova E.A. Humanitarian environment of pedagogical institute as a condition for formation graduate's cultural competences. P. 92-95
    Discussing a problem
    Kozlov A.V., Potanin S.P. Innovative principles of pedagogical training of medical universities lectures P. 96-100
    Anisimov A.N., Bobyliov V.N., Veselova E.A. On the implementation the level system of higher and lifelong education in NNGASU P. 100-106
    Anisimova M.A., Blyaherov I.S., Maslennikov A.V., Morzhov A.V. To the question of designing of estimation means for students' professional competences P. 106-112
    Kaygorodtseva N.V. The emergence, development and current state of "graphics and geometry" education P. 112-117
    Sociology of education
    Zayakina R.A., Romm M.V. Innovative university as a subject of network communication P. 118-124
    Ivanov Ą.V., Kuznetsov Ī.V., Hurcevich S.N. Dynamics of the additional professional education of civil servants P. 124-128
    Neretina E.A. Networking as the basis of flexible dynamic development of universities P. 128-133
    Research debut
    Kovalchuk D.K. The estimation and transfer of the educational technologies P. 134-137
    Yashina O.V. Conceptualization of the social-cultural space in higher school education P. 137-140
    Platonova T.Ī. Management cycle in cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises P. 141-143
    Editorial mail
    Korshunov G.V., Yuriev D.O. The new innovation and integration mechanisms in the sphere of the science, education and business P. 144-147
    Popkova N.V. Philosophy in engineering education P. 147-151
    Abdulgalimov G.L. Some aspects of skilled personnel optimization in conditions of informatization P. 151-154
    Yassinskiy V.B. Should we teach physics? P. 154-156

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