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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 3-2014 :.

    Modernization practice
    PRIKHOD'KO V.M., SOLOVYEV A.N. Engineering pedagogy as a basis for staffing of higher technical education. Pp. 5-11
    DMITRIEV S.M., SHIRIAEV M.V., MITYAKOV S.N. Economic security of the technical university: system of indicators. Pp. 11-20
    MESKHI B.CH., PUSTOVAYA L.E., DYMNIKOVA O.V. Organization of multilevel continuous ecological education. Pp. 20-29
    Crossroads of opinions
    ANDREEV A.L. The perspectives of education: competences, intellectual environments, transdisciplinarity. Pp. 30-41
    KOCHETKOV M.V. Innovations and pseudoinnovations in higher school. Pp. 41-47
    ROBOTOVA A.S. Ambiguous processes in higher education pedagogy. Pp. 47-54
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2014 Jubilee
    Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov celebrates 60th anniversary GLAGOLEV S.N. Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov: strategic objectives, priorities, implementation stages. Pp. 55-64
    SHAPOVALOV N.A., ROMANOVICH L.G., GLAGOLEV E.S., BABAEVSKY A.N. Experience in implementing practice-oriented model for students training in innovative entrepreneurship. Pp. 65-72
    YEVTUSHENKO E.I., FOMENKO Y.V. Peculiarities of arrangement of research and innovation activities in modern technical higher education institution. Pp. 73-77
    LESOVIK V.S. Geonics (geomimetics) as a trans-disciplinary research direction. Pp. 77-83
    MIKHAILICHENKO S.A. Personnel training on a "turnkey" basis. Pp. 83-88
    KOZHEVNIKOV V.P. Comfort with one's own hands: developments of university scientists are introduced into reality. Pp. 88-93
    KRAMSKOY S.I., AMELCHENKO I.A. Implementation of health improvement program at technical university. Pp. 93-98
    Discussing a problem
    AN A.F., SOKOLOV V.M. About the estimation procedure of training level in physics at technical university. Pp. 99-108
    GITMAN M.B., DANILOV A.N., LOBOV N.V. STOLBOV V.YU. Education standards of Perm National Research Polytechnic University: concept of development and experience in design. Pp. 108-117
    IVANOV V.G., OSIPOV P.N., ZIYATDINOVA YU.N. Towards internationalization of engineering education. Pp. 117-123
    Sociology of education
    IVANOVA V.A. Backgrounds for the global sociology of education. Pp. 124-128
    PUGACH V.F. Enrollment competition, admission and graduation: regularity of interconnection. Pp. 129-135
    OREKHOVSKAYA N.A. Common cultural competence as a factor of professional success. Pp. 135-139
    Pages of history
    SMIRNOVA E.M. Medical board and medical training. Pp. 140-145
    PETRIK V.V. University science in Siberia in the second half of the 70s - early 80s of the XXth century. Pp. 146-150
    Facts, comments, notes
    MIKHALEVA L.V., KUZNETSOVA E.M. Educational environment as a means of organizing language education. Pp. 152-155
    KRYUKOV D.N., VASILYEVA I.L. Organization of students' activities in e-learning environment. Pp. 165-158

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