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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 3-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Aniskina N.N. New prospects of vocational education and training. P. 3-10
    Starodubtsev V.A., Solovyov M.A. The informal support of higher education. P. 10-19
    Serova L.M., Mazaeva K.A. Graduates' employment according to vocational education institutions monitoring. P. 20-27
    Crossroads of opinions
    Kleeva L.P., Kleev I.V. Education system as an element of innovation system. P. 28-36
    Karpov A.O. Open innovation and education. P. 37-44
    Higher education in the field of arts and culture in the Russian Far East (Interview with the rector of Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture Skorinov S.N.) P. 45-51
    Savelova E.V. Constructivism and creative activity as factors of modern education development. P. 52-57
    Kachanova E.U. Biblio-information education in the Russian Far East: from traditions to innovations. P. 57-62
    Rusanova L.P., Semenova N. Ph. Formation of teaching system for training of musical group conductors. P. 62-68
    Belzhitski A.N., Cherkashina M.G. Drama art specialists teaching at Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture. P. 69-73
    Zasukha U.I., Lisenko S.Yu. Sub-faculty of music theory, music history and instrument performing of Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture: tendencies and prospects P. 74-79
    Alepko └.V. Polycultural education and its problems in the context of Russian cross-cultural contacts with Asian Pacific Region. P. 79-82
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2013 Discussing a problem
    Belonovskaya I.D., Baranov V.V. Fractal model of regional university complexes. P. 83-88
    Gospodarik Yu.P. Student's research activities: assessment of individual achievements. P. 89-93
    Miftakhova N. Sh., Ivanov V.G. └daptive teaching of the bilingual students at higher school institution. P. 94-97
    Sociology of education
    Pugach V.F. Structure of Russian students by the enrollment status. P. 98-107
    Shestak O.I. Marketing approach to education quality management at modern university. P. 108-113
    Stegniy V.N. Student's informedness as a criterion of culture level. P. 114-118
    Zakharova S.M. Social partnership and the education quality. P. 119-122
    Academic writing
    Martishina N.I. Đriterion of falsifiability in the research work. P. 124-129
    Fedorova M.A., Zavyalov A.M. Development of scientific communication at technical university. P. 129-136
    Korotkina I.┬. Academic writing: on the way to interdisciplinary unity. P. 136-142
    Education Online
    Meskhi B.C., Pustovaya L.E., Bayan E.M., Sharygina ╬.┬. Additional opportunities of remote pedagogical technologies in vocational education of foreign students. P. 143-147
    Bugaychuk K.L. Massive open online courses: history, typology, perspectives. P. 148-155
    Melchenko G.G., Ivanova L.└., Golubeva N.S. Information and communication technologies in teaching the analytical chemistry course. P. 155-158

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