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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 2-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Borovskaya M.A., Masych M.A., Bechvaya M.R. Analysis of compensation systems of higher education institutions employees. P. 3-8
    Seliverstova O.I. Modernization of the education system within the context of Russia' accession to World Trade Organization. P. 9-16
    Korshunov S.V., Zyryanov V.V. Introduction of federal state educational standards of higher education: the first year of work in estimations and opinions of experts. . 16-27.
    International Scientific School
    Engineering education in international context (review). P. 28-32
    Diakonov G.S., Ivanov V.G. The problems of engineering education and training of engineering personnel in chemical technology in conditions of Russia's WTO accession. P. 33-38
    Auer M., Dobrovska D., Edwards A., Likl E. New pedagogic challenges in engineering education and the answer of IGIP. P. 39-45
    Dreher R. Implementing the principles of project-based education in BA-courses. P. 46-49
    Ashmawy A.K. The global engineering deans council: transforming engineering education in a time of change. P. 50-57
    Prikhod'ko V.M., Sazonova Z.S. Adolf Melezinek and an engineering pedagogy. P. 57-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2013 Crossroads of opinions
    Ivakhnenko E.N. Department of philosophy in the conditions of academic capitalism approach. P. 62-73
    Nikolsky V.S. Academic freedom as a university's language of self-description. P. 73-78
    Discussing a problem
    Laptev V.V., Noskova T.N. University vocational training under conditions of informatization. P. 79-83
    Guzarova N.I., Kashkan G.V., Shakhova N.B. Pre-Master programs for foreign citizens. P. 84-89
    Lunina I.N., Pokrovskaya M.V., Rezchikova E.V. Integration of pedagogical technologies developed for healthy and auditory impaired students. P. 90-95
    Gonik I.L., Podlesnov V.N., Androsyuk E.R., Fetisov A.V. Federal state educational standards and educational and methodical management at higher school. P. 96-99
    Academic Researches
    The effectiveness of education: bioethic dimension
    Melik-Gaykazyan I.V. Problems of education as the results of pace of socio-cultural transformations. P. 102-116
    Gorbuleva M.S. Informed consent, or bioethics' principles in education. P. 116-121
    Pervushina N. A. The effectiveness of visual learning methods: the definition of boundaries. P. 121-126
    Melik-Gaykazyan M.V. Manipulation with cultural memory as an unplanned result of management of social technologies in knowledge society. P. 126-132
    Mescheryakova T.V. Formation of narrative competence of a future doctor. P. 132-137
    Internationalization of education
    Artamonova J.D., Demchuk A.L., Moiseeva V.V. Postgraduate education network: theory and practice in Europe and Russia. P. 138-146
    Guskova N.D., Neretina E.A., Enaleeva Yu.R. The partnership of government, society and universities in the process of education quality assurance: the experience of France. P. 146-154
    Editorial mail
    Ivankina E.I. Supplementary education in real estate management: new MBA programs. P. 155-157
    Prihodovsky M.A. Proof of theorems in school and university mathematics courses s a method for improving the results of studies. P. 157-158

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