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    .: Issue 12-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Alexandrov A.A., Fedorov I.B., Medvedev V.E. Engineering education today: problems and solutions. Pp. 3-8
    Zhurakovsky V.M. Some results and prospects of national research universities' activities. Pp. 9-20
    Mudrova E.B., Vinogradova E.B. State as an investor and customer in postgraduate education: national research universities network. Pp. 21-31
    International scientific forum
    International forum in Kazan. Pp. 32-34
    Dyakonov G.S. The global tasks of engineering education and engineers' training at national research university. Pp. 35-40
    Buchanan W.W. Role of the American society for engineering education in encouraging distance education and other methods to reduce costs of engineering education. Pp. 41-45
    Prikhodko V.M. "Sustainable development" as the modern objective of engineering education. Pp. 45-50
    Ivanov V.G., Abzalilova L.R. State policy in engineering education: the regional view. Pp. 50-55
    Ovsienko L.V., Zimina I.V., Klintsova N.N., Muller Fr. Research and academic cluster as a model of network cooperation. Pp. 55-59
    Gerasimov S.I., Svetlakov A.P. Training of experts of AEER accreditation center. Pp. 59-65
    Ivanov V.G., Kondratyev V.V., Kaybiyainen A.A. Modern problems of engineering education: the results of international conferences and scientific school. Pp. 66-77
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2013 Crossroad of opinions
    Bednyi B.I. The role and structure of educational component in PhD programs of a new type. Pp. 78-89
    Lysikau B.G. On the 10-level mark-system for estimation of knowledge. Pp. 89-94
    Doctoral training
    Sanger Ph.A., Ziyatdinova J.N. Writing in English for international conferences. Pp. 95-99
    Yakimovich B.A., Seletkov S.G. "Methodology of the dissertation research" as an academic discipline. Pp. 99-103
    Tatyanushkin D.V. The technology of information processing by higher educational institution students: stages, methods, techniques. Pp. 103-107
    Discussing a problem
    Karpova M.R., Karas S.I. Project-based training in higher medical education. Pp. 108-113
    Apevalova Z.V. Organization of activity of pedagogical universities' consortium: main methodological approaches. Pp. 113-119
    Kiryakova A.V., Mosienko L.V., Olkhovaya T.A. Development of subjectness in the axiosphere of university youth subculture. Pp. 119-123
    Barabanova S.V., Kraisman N.V. Student housing rights and administrative and legal ensuring of student residence. Pp. 123-128
    Logunova L.B., Petrunin Yu.Yu. Alexey Losev: life and destiny of a philosopher. Pp. 129-136
    Facts, comments, notes
    Gafurova N.V., Osipova S.I. Metallurgical education in CDIO ideology. Pp. 137-139
    Shamina O.B., Kotova I.V. E-library of technical university: problems and prospects. Pp. 140-142
    Our authors P.143
    Summaries Pp. 144-148
    Papers index 2013. Pp. 150-160

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