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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 1-2021 :.

    Sociology of Higher Education
    E.V. BIRICHEVA, Z.A. FATTAKHOVA. The Effectiveness of Interaction between Scientific Supervisors and Postgraduate Students at the University and at the Academy of Sciences. Pp. 9-22
    S.V. LOBOVA, E.V. PONKINA. Online Courses: To Accept Impossible to Ignore. Pp. 23-35
    E.A. OPFER. Transformations of Magistracy in Russia. Pp. 36-48
    Engineering Pedagogy
    A.N. SOLOVYEV, V.M. PRIKHODKO, L.G. PETROVA, E.I. MAKARENKO. New IGIP Curriculum for Advanced Training of Engineering University Teachers. Pp. 49-59
    D.P. DANILAEV, N.N. MALIVANOV. The Technology Education System Staffing: Problems and Solutions. Pp. 60-72
    M.M. BAZHUTINA. A Multimedia Thesaurus: A Case of Designing and Prospects for Using in Engineering Education. Pp. 73-86
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2021 Philosophy of Science and Education
    G.A. ANTIPOV. Do Our Universities Need Philosophy? Pp. 88-100
    SYNERGY 2020
    M.F. GALIKHANOV, S.V. BARABANOVA, A.A. KAIBIYAINEN. Core Trends in Engineering Education: Five Years of the Synergy International Conference. Pp. 101-114
    R. DREHER, V.V. KONDRATYEV, M.N. KUZNETSOVA. Social-ecologic Oriented Curricula in Engineering Education: Leonardos Oath as an Answer to Janus-Headedness in Engineering Work. Pp. 115-124
    J.C. QUADRADO, Yu. P. POKHOLKOV, K.K. ZAITSEVA. ATHENA: Contributing to Development of Higher Education Institutions for the Digital Age. Pp. 125-131
    S.G. KARSTINA, O.N. ZECHIEL, C. MACHADO. Role of the Kazakhstan-German Cooperation in Improving Scientific Tools for Evaluation of Vocational Education Programs. Pp. 142-143
    Education Online
    A.V. SOLOVOV, A.A. MENSHIKOVA. Models for the Design and Operation of Digital Educational Environments. Pp. 144-155
    A.V. NOSKOVA, D.V. GOLOUKHOVA, A.S. PROSKURINA, T.H. NGUYEN. Digitalization of the Educational Environment: Risk Assessment of Distance Education by Russian and Vietnamese Students. Pp. 156-167

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