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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 1-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Karavaeva E.V., Teleshova I.G., Uliyanova M.E., Echenike V.J. Applicability of the methodological principles of European education at Russian universities. P. 3-13
    Chuchalin A.I., Epikhin A.V., Muratova E.A. Planning the assessment of learning outcomes in educational programs design. P. 13-20
    Sosnin N.V. About structure of curriculum for competence model of higher education. P. 20-23
    Crossroads of opinions
    Tlostanova M.V. University of 21st century: contours in the context of modernity crisis. P. 24-36
    Shestak V.Ğ., Shestak N.V. Discourse on the World University Rankings: the English lesson for university. P. 37-47
    Senashenko V.S. Education and globalization processes. P. 48-53
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2013 Jubilee
    Kuban State Agrarian University celebrates the 90th anniversary
    Trubilin A.I. Traditions, fundamentality and innovation. P. 54-59
    Fedulov Yu.P., Zagorulko A.V., Zaika I.T., Smolentsev V.M. The role of quality management system in the development of Kuban SAU human capital. P. 59-67
    Polutina T.N. Agrotechnoparks development: experience and perspectives. P. 67-72
    Grigorash O.V. Increasing the management efficiency of educational process. P. 72-78
    Koh M.N. To the problem of university teacher's competence assessment. P. 78-82
    Medvedeva E.V. Formation of students' subjectivity in the educational process of higher school. P. 82-88
    Discussing a problem
    Andruschenko I.V., Malinina E.V. Innovative educational technologies applied at clinical department. P. 89-92
    Reshetnyak E.V., Tarelin A.A. Project studios in university education. P. 93-99
    Gilyazova S.R., Starshinova T.A. Integrative approach to graphic subjects teaching as a basis for forming design and technological competences. P. 99-104
    Bulkin V.V. The subject-subject education paradigm in the conditions of provincial higher school. P. 104-109
    Sociology of education
    Baronin S.A., Syuzev K.S. The main problem points in higher education. P. 110-115
    Piyavsky S.A., Kamaldinova Z.F., Kozlov V.V., Nudelman Yu.I., Savelieva G.P., Fedorova E.A., Shatalov R.B. Monitoring interaction between universities and educational institutions when working with gifted youth. P. 116-121
    For the assistance of a degree seeker
    Martishina N.I. Paradoxes of thesis as a qualification test. P. 122-128
    Khazagerov G.G. Counterproductive competences. P. 129-134
    Pages of history
    Popov L.V., Rozov N.H. The forerunner of higher education in Russia. P. 135-141
    Soloviev A.A. The university library of the Demidov lyceum in Yaroslavl. P. 141-145
    Remaining for people
    Shreider Yu.A. Science and Circus. P. 146-151
    Editorial mail
    Tsaliev A.M. The topical problems of the improvement of juridical education. P. 152-155
    Vladimirskiy Â.Ì. Academic Rankings: How should they be computed? P. 155-158

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