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    .: Issue 11-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    S.N. MAKAROVA, S.D. REZNIK. Master's Degree Students at Russian Universities: Social Behavior and Quality of Training. Pp. 9-21
    O.V. VOROBIEVA. About Problems and Prospects of Humanities and Humanitarian Education in Russia. Pp. 22-33
    Sociology of Education
    G.E. ZBOROVSKY, P.A. AMBAROVA. From Educational Failure to Social Success. Pp. 34-46
    R.M. PETRUNEVA, V.D. VASILYEVA, J.V. PETRUNEVA. Digital Students: Myths and Reality. Pp. 47-55
    A.V. LYALYUK, O.R. TUCHINA. Students' and Applicants' Social Perceptions of the Risks of Educational Environment at Higher Education Institution. Pp. 56-67
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2019 Philosophy of Education and Science
    G.N. FADEEV, Yu.A. LEBEDEV, N.N. DVULICHANSKAYA. Modern Interpretation of the Periodic Phenomenon. Pp. 69-77
    O.V. MIKHAILOV. Experience in Teaching Mendeleev's Periodic Law at National Research University. Pp. 78-85
    L.V. SHIPOVALOVA. Reflections on Teaching and Studying the Scientific Laws. Pp. 86-97
    I.S. DMITRIEV. Superstruture above the Periodic Law (About the article of O.V. Mikhailov). Pp. 98-103
    Nuclear Higher Education
    Elite Personnel Training for Nuclear Industry. P. 104
    Y.N. VOLKOV, N.I. GERASKIN, A.N. KOSILOV. Nuclear Education in Russia and Abroad. Pp. 105-116
    A.V. KIRICHENKO, M.N. STRIKHANOV. WorldSkills International and Its Place in Higher Education System. Pp. 117-125
    M.G. GANCHENKOVA, O.V. BOYKO. Industry Based Adaptive Educational Programs. Pp. 126-133
    V.D. KOLYCHEV, I.O. BELKIN, R.S. UDOVIDCHENKO. Specificity and Effectiveness of the Programs for the Development of Managerial Competencies of Personnel Reserve. Pp. 134-143
    Internationalization of Education
    O.A. NESTEROVA, O.L. SOLODKOVA. Area Studies at the Modern University: Experience in Studying International Communication Strategies. Pp. 144-154
    P.A. ZHDANOV, N.A. POLIKHINA, E.Yu. SEMA, L.V. KAZIMIRCHIK, I.B. TROSTYANSKAYA, A.A. BARSUKOV. Network Analysis of the Integration Level of the Universities Participating in Project 5-100 in the International Higher Education Area. Pp. 155-167

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