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    .: Issue 11-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    CHUCHALIN A.I., PETROVSKAYA T.S., CHERNOVA O.S. Net interaction of institutions of higher education and vocational education while implementing programmes of "applied baccalaureat". Pp. 3-10
    DOROZHKIN E.M., DAVYDOVA N.N. Development of educational institutions within the network interaction. Pp. 11-17
    MIRONOV V.V., GURTOV V.A., ILYASOV E.P. State measures on organization of interaction between institutions of professional education and employers in order to ensure successful employment of graduates. Pp. 17-21
    Sociology of education
    SERYAKOVA S.B., KRASINSKAYA L.F. Reorganization of higher education through the eyes of lecturers: study results. Pp. 22-30
    BOKHAN T.G., ALEKSEEVA L.F., YAZIKOV K.G., SHABALOVSKAYA M.V., MOREVA S.A. The image of professional future for medical students in crisis stages of training. Pp. 30-37
    SHMURATKO D.V. Students' participation in fundamental scientific research. Pp. 37-40
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2013 Jubilee
    Perm National Research Polytechnic University celebrates 60-years jubilee
    TASHKINOV A.A., PETROV V.YU., MAKAREVICH V.I. Priorities and perspectives of development of the large regional engineering education establishment as the national research university. Pp. 42-50
    SHEVELEV N.N. Strategic partnership between university and enterprises as the basis of innovative economy development. Pp. 50-54
    STEGNY V.N. Humanitarization of engineering education. Pp. 55-63
    KOROTAEV V.N. The results of state support of research university and real sector of economy cooperation. Pp. 63-70
    ANOSHKIN A.N. The place of multi-access centers and high-tech laboratories in innovative infrastructure of research university. Pp. 70-6
    LOBOV N.V. Innovation projects of PNRPU in the sphere of MA education. Pp. 77-79
    TSAPLIN A.I. Problems of students' physical and mathematical training in conditions of level educational system of polytechnic university. Pp. 79-84
    Discussing a problem
    PETUKHOVA T.P. Module construction of educational programs adjusted to labor market demand. Pp. 89-90
    DOROFEEV A.A. Didactic conditionality of block-module textbook structure. Pp. 90-94
    KISSELMAN I.F., YUDINA M.G. Educational software in teaching. Pp. 94-97
    TROFIMENKO YU.V., SAZONOVA Z.S., FEDYUKINA T.V. The role of engineering pedagogy in the solution of security problems on automobile transport and in the sphere of road maintenance. Pp. 98-102
    University life
    Teachers training institute in Tumen Region Pp. 103-104
    SHILOV S.P. The most important tasks of development of a regional teachers' training. Pp. 105-109
    VEDERNIKOVA L.V., POVOROZNYUK O.A. The interaction of comprehensive school and teachers' training higher educational institution in conditions of forming a complete social and cultural environment of a region. Pp. 110-114
    POLISCHUK V.I. World outlook potential of culturology. Pp. 114-117
    LEVYKH A.YU., VEDERNIKOVA L.V. The role of the research and education center in innovation development of a higher educational institution. Pp. 118-121
    KULYAPIN A.I. On integration of semiotic research of scientists from the West Siberian region. Pp. 122-124
    YELANTSEVA S.A. Psychological aspects of teacher's professional training. Pp. 125-130
    TENYUNINA I.A. The stages of formation the trajectory of professional development of students of pedagogical institute. Pp. 131-134
    POLIVAEV A.G.The improvement of physical culture teachers training system. Pp. 134-137
    Research debut
    PUKHALSKAYA V.G., KULINKOVICH A.YU. Theatrical technology in teaching. Pp. 138-141
    RYBAKOVA S.B. Development and realization of students' subjectness in educational activities. Pp. 142-145
    Facts, comments, notes
    PRIHODOVSKY M.A. How to stimulate students to regular work during the semester. Pp. 146-148
    YELUNIN M.N., PIYAVSKY S.A. Matrix structure for management of the activities of students' research groups. Pp. 148-152
    Summaries P. 154-159
    Our authors P. 160

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