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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 10-2014 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    GUSLYAKOVA E.V., DEMCHUK A.L., TELESHOVA I.G. Inclusion of the Russian higher education system into the European higher education area. Pp. 5-10
    LAZAREV G. I., TERENT'EVA T.V. Innovative approaches to university scientific research management in new terms of a state policy. Pp. 10-18
    NIKOLENKO V.N., VYALKOV A.I., MARTYNCHIK S.A., GLUKHOVA E.A. Approaches to assessing the effectiveness and ways to encourage the publication activity in the large medical school. Pp. 18-25
    Sociology of education
    CHUCHALIN A.I., TAYURSKAYA M.S., MURATOVA E.A. Stakeholders' evaluation of learning outcomes in educational quality assurance system. Pp. 26-35
    ARZHANYKH E.V., GURKINA O.A., TEREKHOVA A.M. Employment of graduates with disabilities. Pp. 35-44
    SUCHKOV A.N. Reproductive attitudes among students (according to the data of sociological survey). Pp. 44-49
    BOKHAN T.G., ALEKSEEVA L.F., SHABALOVSKAYA M.V., MOREVA S.A. Transformation of temporary prospect of a student in the course of training in higher education institution. Pp. 50-55
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2014 University life
    University as a strategic agent of economic and social development of a region
    TSKHADAYA N.D. University in the context of regional tasks. Pp. 57-63
    KULESHOV V.E., ZYKOV V.A., VOLKOVA O.A. Innovative dominance of university science. Pp. 63-68
    KORSHUNOV G. V., YUR'EV D.O., PUL'KINA V.A. Media cooperation as a platform to implement scientific and educational projects and to form the territory image. Pp. 69-75
    SOTNIKOVA O.A., BELYAEVA O.I. Second breath of Vorkuta branch of a mining university. Pp. 75-80
    BASHKIROV S.P., VASIL'EV Y.U. "Ukhta - the University City": economic measurement of the sociocultural concept. Pp. 80-86
    BEZGODOV D.N. Civilization Russia: project approach in patriotic education of youth. Pp. 87-92
    Higher school pedagogy
    KIM I.N. On the specifics of educational materials corresponding to multilevel educational system. Pp. 93-100
    TRET'YAKOVA K.A., KORZHUEV A.V., SADYKOVA A.R. Pedagogic research in the context of a dialogue between author (researcher) and scientific community. Pp. 100-106
    ISAEVA T.E. Evaluation competence of a university teacher: content and purposes. Pp. 106-112
    Internationalization of education
    Informatization of education: position of UNESCO (Interview with D. Badarch). Pp. 113-118
    KHOROSHILOV A.V. Professional development of a pedagogue and ICT-competency for teachers. Pp. 118-127
    KNYAZEVA S.YU. Open Educational Resources in non-English-speaking countries. Pp. 127-134
    BADARCH D., TOKAREVA N.G., TSVETKOVA M.S. MOOC: reconstruction of higher education. Pp. 135-146
    BORDOVSKIY G.A., ROBERT I.V., KHOROSHILOV A.V. Research and organizational activities of UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN network. Pp. 147-152
    PRUSS N.M. Cooperation between the UNESCO IITE and UNESCO Associated Schools. Pp. 153-157
    Discussing a problem
    MOLODIN V.V., GORIN S.G. Educational reform and students' subjectivity prospects. Pp. 158-163
    PETRUNEVA R.M., VASIL'EVA V.D. Some results of realization of the program on development of the activities of student unions. Pp. 163-167

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