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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 10-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    SENASHENKO V.S., TKACH G.F. Students' academic performance assessment systems as a tool to control the level of mastery of educational programs. P. 3-13
    PROKHOROV V.A. To the question of engineering education modernization. P. 13-19
    GURTOV V.A., PITOUKHIN E.A., NASADKIN M.YU. The effectiveness of higher education institutions in terms of graduates employment. P. 19-27
    Crossroad of opinions
    ROBOTOVA A.S. Invisible laboratory of university lecturer's mental work. P. 28-34
    NOVIKOV A.N., NOVIKOVA M.S. Specific character of pedagogical higher education in the conditions of pedagogical institutes reorganization. P. 34-38
    MAIDACHEVSKY D.YA. Misadventures of economic history in modern Russian higher school: "Who is in fault" and "What is to be done"? P. 39-44
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2013 University life
    University of Economics in Siberia
    MOLCHANOVA O.V. University of economics in sustainable development of a region. P. 46-54
    FILATOV S.A., SUKHORUKOVA N.G., DUDINA T.N. A new model of professional education as an imperative of knowledge-based economy. P. 54-62
    BARAHTENOVA L.A. Internationalization of higher education at the university of economics: models, technologies, and prospects for development. P. 63-69
    DONSKIH O.A. Where is the nicety of a slow Russian speech? P. 69-77
    SEROV D.O. Russian judges and higher legal education: historical aspect. P. 77-82
    Discussing a problem
    DULZON A.A. Project management teaching and training experience. P. 83-90
    SYSOYEV P.V. Main directions and prospects of informatization of a foreign language education. P. 90-97
    PETRUNIN YU. YU. Soccermetrics as a science and an academic discipline. P. 97-103
    STAS' N.F. Educational and methodical complex of chair in chemistry. P. 103-109
    GOROKHOV V.G. Debate on reforming the Russian academy of sciences. P. 110-116
    CHUBAROV I.M. Power, knowledge, and censorship in 19th-century Russia. P. 117-124
    Sociology of education
    BORDOVSKAIA N.V., KOSTROMINA S.N. Potential and real students' willingness to research. P. 125-133
    KUZMINA Y.V. The choice of fields of study: the direct and indirect effects of family background. P. 133-140
    Doctoral training
    MALOSHONOK N.G., DEVYATKO I.F. Experiment as a method for assessment of efficiency of practices and innovations in the field of higher education. P. 141-151
    MARTISHINA N.I. Philosophy of science in engineering education: a practice-oriented approach. P. 151-156
    Research debut
    SERGEEVA I.V., SHTARK E.V. Student families among students of the faculty of fundamental medical education. P. 157-159
    YATSENKO E.S., TININA I.K. Ergonomic aspects of teaching. P. 159-161
    Summaries. C. 163-167
    Our authors. Ñ. 168

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