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    Issue 12-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.M. MARGOLIN, R.M. MELNIKOV. Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Doctoral Education. Pp. 9-19
    V.A. GAISENOK, O.A. NAUMOVICH, V.V. SAMOKHVAL. Correlational Relationships between International Rankings for Higher Education Institutions. Pp. 20-28
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    E.I. TRUBNIKOVA, D.A. TRUBNIKOV. The Problem of Institutional Corruption in the System of Higher Education. Pp. 29-38
    D.A. SEVOSTíYANOV. Social Inversions and Education. Pp. 39-49
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2018 „.
    Issue 11-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    G.N. MOTOVA. Doubled Standards of the Quality Assurance: Russia in the Bologna Process. Pp. 9-21
    E.V. KARAVAEVA, V.V. MALANDIN, I.A. MOSICHEVA, I.G. TELESHOVA. Postgraduate Course as a Level of Higher Education: Status, Problems, Possible Solutions. Pp. 22-34
    Sociology of Education
    V.F. ZUBAREV, G.A. BONDAREV. Educational "Looking Glass", or "They" and "We". Pp. 35-43
    I.V. TROTSUK, D.V. SUKHOVEROVA. Corporate Culture as a Tool for Improving University's Competitiveness. Pp. 44-54
    A.V. ANDREEVA, K.A. MITROFANOVA, V.A. TELESHEV, F.A. BLYAKHMAN. English Language in Medical Informatics Teaching: Opinion of Students. Pp. 55-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2018 „.
    Issue 10-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.S. ANICHKIN. Merger of Higher Education Institutions and Educational Competitiveness: Interrelationship Issues. Pp. 9-19
    S.V. BUTSYK. Horizontal Management at Russian University: Current Trend or Urgent Need? Pp. 20-29
    Engineering Pedagogy
    O.V. BUDZINSKAYA, V.S. SHEINBAUM. Institutional Support of Continuing Engineering Education. Pp. 30-46.
    A.I. CHUCHALIN. Engineering Education in the Epoch of Industrial Revolution and Digital Economy. Pp. 47-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2018 „.
    Issue 8-9-2018

    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    E.N. IVAKHNENKO. Domestic Education as a System and an Object of Management. Pp. 9-23
    V.S. SENASHENKO, A.A. MAKAROVA. Educational Hybrids in Russian Higher Education. Pp. 24-42
    Topical Theme
    N.V. SHESTAK. Lecture in Post-secondary Education Institution within the Context of Competence Approach. Pp. 43-53
    Yu.A. LUKIN. "Which of you is Ready to Take a Leap to the Emptiness Today"? Pp. 54-61
    V.I. PLESHCHENKO. The Problem of Plagiarism in Scientific Publications and Graduation Research Papers. Pp. 62-70
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2018 „.
    Issue 7-2018

    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. About Pedagogy, Its Words, Concepts and Texts. Pp. 9-19
    M.B. SAPUNOV, Kh.G. TKHAGAPSOEV. Culture of Critical Discourse on Education and Science. Pp. 20-27
    Sociology of Education
    A.A. FEDOROV, E.Yu. ILALTDINOVA, S.V. FROLOVA. Convention of Generations in the New World of Education. Pp. 28-38
    N.I. PROKOPOV, S.N. ANTONYUK, S.Yu. IVANOV, D.V. IVANOVA. Development of University Innovative Potential as a Factor Contributing to the Growth of Labor Satisfaction of Young Teachers. Pp. 39-44
    E.A. KOGAN, O.B. KRYMSKAYA. Problems in Studying English Language Among Future Engineers. Pp. 45-51
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2018 „.
    Issue 6-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    V.A. LAZARENKO, V.A. LIPATOV, T.A. OLEYNIKOVA, D.A. SEVERINOV, N.B. FILINOV. Efficiency of Ranking Implementation in University Management System: Practical Experience. Pp. 9-19
    I.V. ZAKHAROVA. Marketing Tools in Modern Higher Education Institution: Tendencies of Research. Pp. 20-30
    I.E. ZADOROZHNYUK, V.M. KALASHNIK, S.V. KIREEV. Moscow International University Ranking "The Three University Missions" in the Global Educational Space. Pp. 31-40
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A.I. RAKITOV. Higher Education and Artificial Intelligence: Euphoria and Alarmism. Pp. 41-49
    N.I. MARTISHINA. "Anti-plagiarism" System in Self-regulation of Scientific Activity. Pp. 50-57
    O.V. MIKHAILOV. Oral Exam, or About the Specifics of Taking Exams in Modern Research Universities. Pp. 58-65
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2018 „.
    Issue 5-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    I.E. NIKULINA. Effective Contract at the University as a Driver of Work Quality Improvement of Scientific and Pedagogical Workers. Pp. 9-19
    V.Yu. STROMOV, P.V. SYSOYEV, V.V. ZAVYALOV. "School of Competencies" as a Technology for the Development of Students' Additional Competencies at Classical University. Pp. 20-29
    A.R. GROSHEV, G.E. KARATAEVA. Lean-Technologies as a Resource of Education Modernization. Pp. 30-36
    Higher School Pedagogy
    A.A. KURMANGULOV, YU.S. RESHETNIKOVA, R.N. BAGIROV, O.I. FROLOVA, N.S. BRYNZA. "Factory of Processes" - A New Format of Educational Process Organization at Higher Education Institution. Pp. 37-41
    T.A. BORZOVA. Teacher as a Principle Element of the "Flipped Classroom" Technology. Pp. 42-49
    T.L. GURULEVA. Status and Problems of Developing Educational Resources in Chinese Language in Higher School. Pp. 50-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2018 „.
    Issue 4 - 2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    G.N. MOTOVA, V.G. NAVODNOV. From Institutional Accreditation to Monitoring of Effectiveness. Pp. 9-21
    A.I. CHUCHALIN. Modernization of the Three-cycle Engineering Education Based on FSES 3++ and CDIO++. Pp. 22-32
    E.V. KARAVAEVA, O.V. VOROBIEVA, V.P. TYSHKEVICH. On the Creation of a Research Competencies Development Model for Higher Education Programs Graduates. Pp. 33-47
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    V.S. SENASHENKO. Legal Framework of Higher Education in Russia Needs Reconfiguration. Pp. 48-56
    D.A. SEVOSTYANOV. Educational Standards and the Crisis of Education. Pp. 57-65
    I.N. MISHIN. Problems of the Formation of Universal and Professional Competences in the FSES HE 3 ++ and the Ways of Their Solutions. Pp. 66-75
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2018 „.
    Issue 3-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.N. Danilov, M.B. Gitman, V.Yu. Stolbov, E.K. Gitman. Engineering Personnel Training System in Modern Russia: Educational Trajectories and Quality Control. Pp. 5-15
    R.G. Strongin, E.V. Chuprunov. Towards University Innovation Belt: Problems of Management. Pp. 16-22
    S.V. Korshunov. The System of Standardization of Education in the Russian Federation Celebrates a Quarter of a Century. Pp. 23-37
    Higher Education Pedagogy: Critical Discourse
    V.S. Senashenko. Conjugation Levels between Higher Education and Labour Sphere. Pp. 38-47
    M.A. Ivanova. The Bologna Process and Learner Autonomy: Russian Specifics. Pp. 48-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2018 „.
    Issue 2-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.I. RUDSKOY, A.I. BOROVKOV, P.I. ROMANOV, O.V. KOLOSOVA. General Professional Competence of a Modern Russian Engineer. Pp. 5-18
    V.B. NIKISHINA, A.A. KUZNETSOVA, O.F. PRIRODOVA. Competency Model for Improvement Medical University Teacher's Qualification. Pp. 19-27
    "Synergy - 2017"
    V.V. KONDRATYEV. Engineering Pedagogy as a Base for Technical Teacher Training System. Pp. 29-38
    V.S. SHEINBAUM, O.V. BUDZINSKAYA. Integration of Education, Science and Business: Current Institutional Solutions. Pp. 39-46
    F.T. SHAGEEVA, Ő.F. GALIKHANOV, G.R. STREKALOVA. Entrepreneurial Competencies of Engineering Student as a Factor of Successful Professional Career. Pp. 47-55
    N.N. GAZIZOVA, G.ņ. NIKONOVA, N.V. NIKONOVA. New Mathematics Tutorial for Technology Students. Pp. 56-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2018 „.
    Issue 1-2018

    Areas of Education Modernization
    L.S. GREBNEV. The Current Round of the Bologna Process: Russia and Not Only ... (According to the Works of V.I. Baidenko and N.A. Selezneva). Pp. 5-18
    S.A. IVANOV, E.N. SOKOL-NOMOKONOV. The Phenomenon of Flagship Universities of Regional Economy in Modern Russia. Pp. 19-30
    V.A. PROKHOROV. Professional Standard and Federal State Educational Standard for Undergraduate Programs. Pp. 31-36
    Engineering Pedagogy
    A.N. SOLOVYEV, V.M. PRIKHODKO, T. Yu. POLYAKOVA, Z.S. SAZONOVA. Russian Engineering Teachers as an Important Part of IGIP. Pp. 38-45
    M.G. MININ, O.I. SHAYKINA. "Flipped Classroom" Method with BYOD-Technology Application as a Tool to Develop Communication Skills in Teaching Foreign Languages. Pp. 46-53
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2018 „.
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