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    Issue 12-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    Okrepilov, V.V. Creation of the Multilevel Education System in the Field of Quality as a Factor of Sustainable Development. Pp. 5-12
    Zul'karnay, I.U., Islakaeva, G.R. Russian Universities in Global Ratings. Pp. 13-21
    Shestak, V.P., Shestak, N.V. Postgraduate Studies at the Third Level of Higher Education: Discursive Field. Pp. 22-34
    Discussing a problem
    Martynenko, O.O., Yakimova, Z.V., Nikolaeva, V.I. Methodological Approaches to Assessing Graduates' Competencies. Pp. 35-45
    Kruglov, V.I., Gorlenko, O.A., Mozhayeva, T.P. The Establishment and Development of Quality Systems of Educational Institutions. Pp. 46-51
    Pyshkin, A.N. Concept of Management Education Accreditation. Pp. 52-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2015 .
    Issue 11-2015

    Practice of Education Modernization
    RUBIN Yu.B. Entrepreneurship Education in Russia: Diagnosis of the Problem. Pp. 5-17
    MAZOV N.A., GUREYEV V.N. Novosibirsk State University in the Light of Bibliometrics. Pp. 18-27
    Sociology of Education
    KOSTINA E.Yu., ORLOVA N.A. Labor Market and Professional Career Building. Pp. 28-35
    KARPOV A.O. Network Models of Institutionalization in Education for the Knowledge Society. Pp. 37-46
    SILAEVA V.L. Higher Education in the Perception of Russian-Speaking Users. Pp. 47-52
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2015 .
    Issue 10-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    A.M. DOLGORUKOV, V.V. ZYRYANOV, Ph.V. MALAKHOV, L.V. TEMNOVA. Experience in Developing Procedures for Professional and Public Accreditation for the Social and Humanitarian Sphere of Russian Education. Pp. 5-15
    V.P. RYZHOV, V.V. TERESHKOV, N.A. KASHIRINA, A.A. MAR'YEV. On the Assessment of Teachers' Work Efficiency in the Light of the Effective Contract Introduction. Pp. 16-26
    Higher School Pedagogy
    V.M. PRIKHOD'KO, Z.S. SAZONOVA. The Problem of Creating a System of Advanced Training of Teaching Staff of Technical Universities: The Basic Ideas of the Concept of its Solution. Pp. 27-36
    S.A. MINYUROVA, N.O. LEONENKO. Pedagogical Internship: A University Innovative Project. Pp. 37-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2015 .
    Issue 8-9-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    KARAVAEVA E.V., MALANDIN V.V., PILIPENKO S.A., TELESHOVA I.G. The First Experience of Design and Implementation of Post-Graduate Training and Professional Development of Faculty Members Programs as Programs of the Third Level of Higher Education: Identified Issues and Feasible Solutions. Pp. 5-15
    FEDOROV I.B., MEDVEDEV V.E. Training Research and Engineering Elite for Russian Defense Industry. Pp. 15-21
    Engineering pedagogy
    STOLBOVA I.D., ALEKSANDROVA E.P., NOSOV K.G. Projects Method in Organizing of Graphical Training. Pp. 22-31
    IVANOV A.V., KUZNETSOV O.V. Improvement of Professional Training for the Military-Industrial Complex. Pp. 32-38
    OSIPOVA S.I., RUDNITSKIY E.A. Integration of Stakeholders in the Implementation of CDIO Ideology. Pp. 39-45
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2015 .
    Issue 7-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    CHUBIK P.S., BLINOVA N.YU., MOISEENKO E.L. Implementation of International Accounting Standards at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Pp. 5-12
    SMOLYANINOVA O.G., KORSHUNOVA V.V. Designing the Educational Outcomes of Bachelor's Degree Students in Pedagogy on a Basis of Teacher's Professional Standard. Pp. 12-19
    Engineering pedagogy
    BARABANOVA S.V. Bilingualism, Multicultural and Comparative Law in Engineering Education. Pp. 20-25
    EFANOV V.I., MAGAZINNIKOVA A.L., NESMELOVA N.N. Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers. Pp. 26-30
    PETRUNEVA R.M., TOPORKOVA O.V., VASILYEVA V.D. Project-Based Training as a Modern Trend in Engineering Education. Pp. 30-36
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2015 .
    Issue 6-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    KOVALEV I.V., LOGINOV Yu.Yu., ZELENKOV P.V. Training of Engineers Using the Project-Oriented Teaching. Pp.5-11
    DOZHDIKOV A.V. The State Accreditation of Higher Education Programs Realized in Network Form. Pp. 11-19
    KOSTYLEV I.I., OVSYANNIKOV M.K. Marine Education in International Industry. Pp. 20-25
    Crossroad of opinions
    BELOTSERKOVSKY A.V. On Coordination of Educational and Professional Standards. Pp. 26-31
    SENASHENKO V.S. On the Correlation Between Professional Standards and Federal Educational Standards of Higher Education. Pp. 31-36
    DONSKIKH O.A. Case on Educational Standards. Pp. 36-43
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2015 .
    Issue 5-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    GREBENEV I.V., CHUPRUNOV E.V. Problems of teacher education from a position of a research university. Pp. 5-11
    NAVODNOV V.G., MOTOVA G.N. Development of accreditation in Russian higher education: history and future. Pp. 12-20
    MIKHAILOV N.N., VLADIMIRSKIY B.M. Development and implementation of modern education policy of higher education institution. Pp. 20-26
    Crossroad of opinions
    SENASHENKO V.S., KHALIN V.G. On the effective contract in higher school of Russia. Pp. 27-36
    POSTNIKOV S.N., ANDRIENKO A.V. Effective contract in higher school: the implementation practice. Pp. 37-45
    ALAVERDOV A.R. Evolution of strategic approaches to motivation of the university teaching staff. Pp. 45-53
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2015 .
    Issue 4 - 2015

    Practice of education modernization
    BLINOVV.I.,BATROVAO.F.,ESENINAE.Yu., FAKTOROVICHA.A.Professional standards: from development to implementation. Pp. 5-14
    CHUCHALIN A. I. Educational standards of the leading Russian universities.Pp. 14-25
    GURTOV V.A., SHCHEGOLEVAL.V. Does candidate of sciences need to publish articles?Pp. 25-33
    Engineering pedagogy
    BAGDASARYANN.G.Engineering education: between mission and the standard.Pp. 34-43
    GAZALIYEV A.M.,EGOROV V.V. BREYDO I.V.Dual training in higher technical education in Kazakhstan.Pp. 44-50
    EREMENKOA.S. Master courses in international law at technical universities.Pp. 50-55
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2015 .
    Issue 3-2015

    Sociology of education
    BEDNYI B.I., MIRONOS A.A., OSTAPENKO L.A. Professional employment of PhD program graduates and some ways for improving PhD programs. Pp. 5-16
    PETROV V.I., MANDRIKOV V.B., D'YACHENKO T.S. The role of universities in ensuring the human resources of the Volgograd region. Pp. 17-24
    ZUEV A.S., LENTYAEVA T.V. Management of quantity of teaching staff rates and enrollment plan of educational organization of higher education. Pp. 24-32
    Internationalization of education
    HOYER H.J., CHENG S. World Engineering Education Forum in Dubai. Pp. 33-40
    AUER M.E., ZAFOSCHNIG A. The participation of IGIP in the 2014 WEEF. Pp. 40-45
    PRIKHOD'KO V.M., SOLOVYEV A.N. What should be the modern engineering education (thinking of global forum participants). Pp. 45-56
    ASHMAWY A.K. American University in Dubai, school of engineering. Pp. 56-66
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2015 .
    Issue 2-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    D.A.NOVIKOV.Compete by "Hirch's"? Pp. 5-13
    V.P.SHESTAK. Fundamentalscience and engineering.Pp. 13-21
    M.YU.PRAKHOVA,N.V.ZAICHENKO,A.N.KRASNOV. How to assess the professional competence.Pp. 21-28
    Higher school pedagogy
    Z.S. SAZONOVA. Methodological seminar MADI-IGIP as a form of engineering pedagogy development: history and prospects.Pp. 30-39
    E.I.MURATOVA,S.I. DVORETSKY, A.Yu. IVANOV.Curriculum development peculiarities for highly qualified personnel training.Pp. 40-49
    N.V. SHESTAK. The concept of teaching staff qualification improvement in the conditions of innovative development of higher and additional professional education. Pp. 49-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2015 .
    Issue 1-2015

    Practice of education modernization
    BELOTSERKOVSKY A.V. Universities as generator for regional development. Pp. 5-10
    YELINA E.G., KOVTUN E.N., RODIONOVA S.E. Competences and outcomes of learning: the logic of their representation in educational programmes.Pp. 10-20
    KIM I.N. The future of a regional higher education institution within the context of strategic development of national education. Pp. 20-29
    Higher school pedagogy
    ANDREEV A.L. Humanities and intellectual environments.Pp. 30-36
    KRASINSKAYA L.F. Teacher of higher school: what will he be? (reflections on social expectations and professional realities).Pp. 37-46
    STARODUBTSEV V.A. SOLOV'EV M.A. VALITOVA E.Yu. Pedagogical support of students' professional self-determination in higher education. Pp. 47-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2015 .
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