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    Issue 4 - 2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    B.I. BEDNYI. A New Postgraduate School Model: Pro et Contra. Pp. 5-16
    A.I. CHUCHALIN, N.V. DANEIKINA. Application of CDIO Approach to MSc and PhD Engineering Programs. Pp. 17-25
    Sociology of Education
    S.S. DONETSKAYA. The Statistics of Awarded Doctoral Degrees: Changes after the Reform of the Higher Attestation Commission. Pp. 26-37
    G.E. ZBOROVSKY, P.A. AMBAROVA. Growing Up" of Students as a Phenomenon of Changing Higher Education. Pp. 38-49
    Academic Writing
    E.M. BAZANOVA, I.B. KOROTKINA. Russian Writing Centers Consortium. Pp. 50-57
    V.V. LEVCHENKO, E.V. AGRIKOVA, M.A. VORONINA. Development of Academic Communication Skills: Methods of Work Organization. Pp. 58-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2017 „.
    Issue 3-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.R. ALAVERDOV, N.V. GROMOVA. Scientific and Pedagogical Workers and Administrative Staff: Conflict of Interest or Constructive Interaction? Pp. 5-16
    D.A. SEVOSTYANOV. Plagiarism in Modern Education: A Problem or a Symptom? Pp. 17-25
    E.I. TRUBNIKOVA. The Information Asymmetry and Tendencies of the Market of Scientific Publications. Pp. 26-36
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    N.I. MARTISHINA. Discursive Practices of Education and Change of Paradigm. Pp. 37-42
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Humanities Lecturer in e-Learning Mode: "Soul Excitement". Pp. 43-51
    S.I. POZDEEVA. University Teacher: Methodologist, Researcher, Novator? Pp. 52-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2017 „.
    Issue 2-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    STRONGIN, R.G., CHUPRUNOV, E.V. University as a Network Center for Vocational Guidance and Socialization of an Individual. Pp. 5-14
    SHESTAK, V.P. Triple Helix Model, Novel State Educational Standards and Educational Programs at the Universities of Russia. Pp. 15-23
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    POLONNIKOV, A.A.The Modern Educational Situation: Descriptive Approaches and Discursive Responsibility. Pp. 26-35
    SENASHENKO, V.S. On the Prestige of the University Teacher Profession, Postgraduate Academic Degrees and Titles. Pp. 36-44
    POLUPAN, K.L. Reconstruction of Pedagogical Activities in Higher Education. Pp. 45-51
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2017 „.
    Issue 1-2017

    Areas of Education Modernization
    POPOVA, N.G., BIRICHEVA, E.V. Training Young Researchers at the Postgraduate Level: In Search of a Goal. Pp. 5-14
    KOROTKINA, I.B. On "Road Maps", the "Ranking Rush" and Academic Writing. Pp. 15-24
    SPIRIDONOVA, E.A. About Some AmbiguousTendencies in Russian Higher School. Pp. 25-34
    Sociology of Education
    SHMATKO, N.A., VOLKOVA, G.L. Mobility and Career Opportunities of Researchers on the Labour Market. Pp. 35-46
    PUGACH, V.F. Teachers' Age in Russian Higher Education Institutions: What is the Problem? Pp. 47-55
    REZNIK, S.D., YUDINA, T.A. The Reputational Liability of a Higher Education Institution: Problems, Experience, Prospects. Pp. 56-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2017 „.

    Issue 12-2016

    Areas of Education Modernization
    SIDNYAEV, N.I. On the Role of Engineering Education in the Development of the Arctic. Pp. 5-13
    GOLOV, R.S., TEPLYSHEV, V.YU., MYL'NIK, A.V. Practice Training of Energy Managers - A New Class of Engineering and Economics Professionals. Pp. 14-21.
    Sociology of Education
    SAGANENKO, G.I., GEGER, A.E. Comparison of Value Orientations of Students in the 10-Year Time Interval: Methodology and Results. Pp. 22-33.
    ZBOROVSKIY, G.E., SHUKLINA, E.A., AMBAROVA, P.A. Nonlinearity of Higher Education Development: The Contours of the Concept and Possible Macroregional Practices. Pp. 34-44.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2016 „.
    Issue 11-2016

    Areas of Education Modernization
    BOLOTOV, V.A., MOTOVA, G.N., NAVODNOV, V.G., RYZHAKOVA, O.E. New Conceptual Approach Towards Selecting the Best Educational Programmes. Pp. 5-16
    MOTOVILOV, O.V. The Formation of a System of Relationship Between Educational Institutions and Employers. Pp. 17-27
    ROMM, M.V., ZAYAKINA R.A. Network Communities with University Participation: Established Practices of Social Interaction. Pp. 28-37
    Crossroad of Opinions
    TRUBNIKOVA, E.I. Regulatory Capture of the Higher Education Area: the Analysis of Some Aspects. Pp. 38-46
    KORCHAGIN, E.A., SAFIN, R.S. Competence Approach and the Traditional View on Higher Education. Pp. 47-54
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2016 „.
    Issue 10-2016

    Areas of Education Modernization
    PAKHOMOV, S.I., DMITRIEV, G.I., GURTOV, V.A., SHCHEGOLEVA, L.V. Method to Evaluate the Possibility of Establishing Dissertation Council in the Organization Administered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. Pp. 5-15
    BLINOV, V.I., ESENINA, E.Yu., KLINK, O.F., RYKOVA, E.A., FAKTOROVICH, A.A. The Occupational Standards as a Tool of the Human Resource Management in the Educational Organization. Pp. 16-23
    Federal University: The Best Practices
    —HICHERINA, N.V., BUGAENKO, O.D. Models of Higher Education Academic Programmes Realized in Network Form. Pp. 24-36
    MIKHAILOVA, E.I., SAVVINOV, V.M. University as an Institute for Regional Development. Pp. 37-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2016 „.
    Issue 8-9-2016

    Areas of Education Modernization
    CHUBIK, P.S., LIDER, A.M., ZAMYATIN, S.V., CHUBIK, M.P., KIRYANOVA, L.G., SLESARENKO, I.V. Effective Contract System for University Research and Teaching Staff. Pp. 5-14.
    VCHERASHNY, P.M., GAFUROVA, N.V., RUMYANTSEV, M.V., OSIPENKO, O.A. Engineering Education: Format Change. Pp. 15-21.
    Sociology of Education
    MARTYNENKO, O.O., KOROTINA, O.A. Vladivostok Students' Value System. Pp. 22-29.
    MELIKYAN, A.V. International Activities of Higher Education Institutions in the Asian Part of Russia. Pp. 30-39.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2016 „.
    Issue 7-2016

    Areas of Education Modernization
    KVELIDZE-KUZNETSOVA, N.N., LAPTEV, V.V., MOROZOVA, S.A. Kinds of Ratings of Education Related Scientific Journals. Pp. 5-16
    ABRAMOV, A.N., ROTKOV, L.Yu., SIMONOV, A.V., TREMBOVETSKIY, V.V. Innovative Model of Training Officers in Civil University. Pp. 17-24
    Sociology of Education
    SEMENOVA, T.V. The Effect of Academic Motivation on Achievement: A Role of Academic Activity. Pp. 25-37
    ANDREEV, A.A. Student and History. Pp. 38-44
    DIAS, F., TRET'YAKOVA, A.N., ATEF, T., KOSMACZEWSKA, J., NAVICKIEN?, R. Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intentions of Students Specializing in the Tourism Industry. Pp. 45-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2016 „.
    Issue 6-2016

    Practice of Education Modernization
    PILIPENKO, S.A., ZHIDKOV, A.A., KARAVAEVA, E.V., SEROVA, A.A. On the Correlation Between Federal Educational Standards of Higher Education and Professional Standards: Problems, Possible Approaches, Recommendation on Actualization. Pp. 1-15
    NECHAEV, V.D. Modernization of the Russian Doctoral Programs in Education: The Search of Models in an International Context. Pp. 16-33
    Federal University: The Best Practices
    —HICHERINA, N.V., ZAITSEVSKAYA, A.A. Module-based Accrual System of University Staff In-service Training. Pp. 34-41
    LEVITSKAYA, A.A. Formation of the Russian Identity in the Youth Environment: Experience of Practical Implementation. Pp. 42-46
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2016 „.
    Issue 5-2016

    Federal University: The Best Practices
    KUDRYASHOVA, E.V., CHICHERINA, N.V. On the Organization of the Systematic Analysis and Propagation of the Leading Universities' Best Practices. Pp. 5-9
    KLEMESHEV, A.P., KUKSA, I.Yu. Administration of Academic Programmes as a Factor of University Modernization. Pp. 10-20
    Higher Education Pedagogy
    BEDNYI, B.I., KUZENKOV, O.A. Integrated "Academic Master's - PhD" Educational Programs. Pp. 21-32
    LUKASHENKO, M.A. Between School and Business: What Can Higher Education Add to Its Arsenal? Pp. 33-41
    POPOVA, N.G., KUZNETSOVA, L.B. Teaching Academic English to PhD Students in Russia: a Posse ad Esse. Pp. 42-49
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2016 „.
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