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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 8/9-2014 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    KARAVAEVA E.V. Recommended procedure for higher education programs design. Pp. 5-15
    GURTOV V.A., SHCHEGOLEVA L.V. Publication activity of members of dissertation councils at universities in Russia. Pp. 16-26
    Engineering pedagogy
    TKHAGAPSOYEV KH.G., YAKHUTLOV M.M. Problems of engineering education in modern Russia: the methods of analysis and ways of solving. Pp. 27-36
    KORCHAGIN E.A., SAFIN R.S., VILDANOV I.E., ABITOV R.N. The pedagogical training of future university professors at engineering education institutions. Pp. 36-44
    Education and science
    GOLOVKO N.V., DEGTYAREVA V.V., MADYUKOVA S.A. Entrepreneurial university and the Triple Helix theory. Pp. 45-53
    ABLAZHEY A.M. Integration of science and higher education: old problems and new approaches. Pp. 53-59
    SHISHIKIN V.G. Formation of elite Russian higher education at the beginning of the XXIth century. Pp. 59-64
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2014 Internationalization of education
    IVANOV V.G., ZIYATDINOVA YU.N. International forum of American society for engineering education. Pp. 65-75
    FILIMONOVA N.YU., ROMANYUK E.S. Chinese students in Russia. Pp. 76-81
    Arte et humanitate, labore et scientia
    PAVLOV A.V. Alma Mater in the year of its 70TH anniversary. Pp. 83-90
    EREGINA N.T., SMIRNOVA E.M. "Yaroslavl' was not chosen spontaneously ..." Pp. 91-97
    SHKREBKO A.N., IVANOVA I.V. System approach to internal quality education control. Pp. 98-106
    BARANOV A.A., MALASHENKO V.N., KLIMACHEVA O.V., KHMELTSOVA O.I. The student science: achievement and perspectives. Pp. 107-112
    FIRSOV D.E. Social education at higher medical school. Pp. 112-116
    PAVLOV A.V., EREGINA N.T. Higher school traditions: born today and in decades long. Pp. 116-121
    Higher school pedagogy
    LARIONOV V.V., LIDER A.M. Organization of self-instruction work for students of technical university in the system of basic science studies. Pp. 122-126
    KORINA V.S. Variativity principle in musical training at the universities of music profile. Pp. 126-130
    KARABUTOVA E.A., KOLCHINTSEVA L.N. Cognitive-communicative-activity-based approach to teaching students of non-language high school in professional foreign language speech activity. Pp. 131-135
    Pages of history
    ZAYTSEVA A.V. On the history of publishing educational literature in Russia. Pp. 136-141
    OKHOCHINSKIY M.N. Student scientific society in the field of aviation and cosmonautics (1910-1920s). Pp. 141-146
    TULINOVA O.V. Faculty of music in educational space of a town. Pp. 147-151
    Facts, comments, notes
    BELYANKOVA N.M. Research work of students in the field of national relations. Pp. 152-155
    SHILINA N.G., TAPTYGINA E.V. Comprehensive approach to pre-university education. Pp. 156-159

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