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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 8-9 - 2021 :.

    Higher School Pedagogy
    I.S. BATRAKOVA, E.N. GLUBOKOVA, S.A. PISAREVA, A.P. TRYAPITSYNA. Changes in University Teacher’s Pedagogical Activity in the Context of Digitalization of Education. Pp. 9-19
    O.V. PETROVA, O.R. CHEPYUK, S.D. MAKAROVA, V.V. MARIKO, A.I. GORYLEV. Master’s Programs in Russia: Four Paths of Future Development. Pp. 20-33
    V.V. SIVAKOV, A.A. SOLOMNIKOV, I.Yu. ADAMOVICH, S.P. STROEV. Automation of Educational Institution Documentation. Pp. 34-43
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    O.B. TOMILIN, A.K. KLYUEV. “Black Swans” in Organizational Design of Russian Universities. Pp. 44-55
    R.M. PETRUNEVA, V.D. VASILYEVA, YU.V. PETRUNEVA. Problems of Higher School Didactics: Uncut Pages. Pp. 56-68
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2021 Sociology of Higher Education
    Ch.I. BUYAKOVA, I.Yu. MALKOVA. Volunteering as a Form of Students’ Educational Activities in the Context of the University’s Third Mission. Pp. 69-79
    M.B. PONYAVINA, S.V. RASTORGUEV, P.S. SELEZNEV, A.A. SUCHILINA, A.B. SHATILOV. Monitoring the Social Attitudes of Foreign Students. Pp. 80-92
    Engineering Pedagogy
    D. GORMAS-LOGOS, C. GALARCE-MIRANDA, H. HORTSCH. Evaluation of Teacher Training Needs in Engineering Pedagogy. Pp. 93-103
    University and Region
    Regional University: Strategy for Development. P. 104
    S.A. MIROSHNIKOV. Orenburg State University in the Conditions of Transformation. Pp. 105-114
    A.V. KIRYAKOVA, N.A. KARGAPOLTSEVA, I.D. BELONOVSKAYA, S.A. DUZHNIKOV. University as an Environment of Innovative Interactions. Pp. 115-124
    A.E. SHUKHMAN, D.I. PARFENOV, L.V. LEGASHEV, L.S. GRISHINA. Analysis and Forecasting Students’ Academic Performance Using a Digital Educational Environment. Pp. 125-133
    S.V. NOTOVA, I.A. PODOSENOVA. System of Additional Professional Education as a Basis of Lifelong Professional Education. Pp. 134-143
    V.G. MARTYNOV, V.N. KOSHELEV, V.V. MAYER, A.A. TUMANOV. Oil and Gas Education in Russia: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Pp. 144-157
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    E.N. ISHCHENKO. The History and Philosophy of Science at the Crossroads of Doctoral Education’s Reforms: Polemic Notes. Pp. 158-167

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