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    osb 6

    .: Issue 8-9-2020 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.V. BERESTOV, A.I. GUSEVA, V.M. KALASHNIK, V.I. KAMINSKY, S.V. KIREEV, S.M. SADCHIKOV. Flagship Universities as Development Potential of Regions and Industries. Pp. 9-25
    O.V. VOROBYEVA, E.M. IVANNIKOVA, V.V. MALANDIN, D.S. SEKIRINSKY, E.V. KARAVAEVA, A.I. SULEYMANOVA, I.G. TELESHOVA. Leadership and Management in Science and Technology: Competency Model. Pp. 26-38
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A. CROWLEY-VIGNEAU, A.A. BAIKOV, E. KALYUZHNOVA. Implementation of International Norms in Russia: The Case of Higher Education. Pp. 39-54
    M.A. KASHINA. Negative Effects of Reforming Russian Graduate School: Analysis and Ways to Minimize. Pp. 55-70
    M.A. BABAEVA, E.B. GOLUBEV. "Talgenism" in the Digital Age: A Domestic History of cMOOC. Pp. 71-84
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2020 Sociology of Education
    L.V. KONSTANTINOVA. University Structural Units Rankings: Models and Solutions. Pp. 85-94
    Higher School Pedagogy
    O.V. KISEL, A.I. DUBSKIKH, A.V. BUTOVA. Difficulties in Applying a Student-Centered Approach in Modern Russian Higher Education. Pp. 95-103
    Yu.V. DANEYKIN, O.E. KALPINSKAYA, N.G. FEDOTOVA. Project Approach to the Implementation of Individual Educational Paths in Modern University. Pp. 104-116
    G.P. OZEROVA. Usage of Learning Management System Web Analytics in Blended Learning Self-Study Evaluation. Pp. 117-126
    University and Region
    Meeting the Challenges of Time. P. 128
    Zh.A. ERMAKOVA, Yu.N. NIKULINA. Quality of Education According to the Assessment of the University's Key Partners. Pp. 129-141
    T.A. OLKHOVAYA, E.V. POYARKOVA. New Practices of Engineering Education in Conditions of Distance Learning. Pp. 142-154
    A.V. KIRYAKOVA, N.A. KARGAPOLTSEVA, I.D. BELONOVSKAYA. Scientific and Pedagogical Projections of the Transformation of University Education. Pp. 155-167

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