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    .: Issue 8-9-2018 :.

    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    E.N. IVAKHNENKO. Domestic Education as a System and an Object of Management. Pp. 9-23
    V.S. SENASHENKO, A.A. MAKAROVA. Educational Hybrids in Russian Higher Education. Pp. 24-42
    Topical Theme
    N.V. SHESTAK. Lecture in Post-secondary Education Institution within the Context of Competence Approach. Pp. 43-53
    Yu.A. LUKIN. "Which of you is Ready to Take a Leap to the Emptiness Today"? Pp. 54-61
    V.I. PLESHCHENKO. The Problem of Plagiarism in Scientific Publications and Graduation Research Papers. Pp. 62-70
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2018 Higher School Pedagogy
    S.O. MUSIENKO. Application of Interactive Training in Studying Economic Disciplines. Pp. 73-79
    T.A. BORZOVA. Principles of Organizing Self-Directed Learning of First-year Students within the Flipped Classroom Technology. Pp. 80-88
    M.A. SHEMANAEVA. Key Competences Formation by Means of Learning Foreign Languages. Pp. 89-95
    Approaching the Century Jubilee (Interview with the Rector D.A. Endovitsky). Pp. 96-102
    E.E. CHUPANDINA, A.V. SEMENIKHINA. Online Education at Voronezh State University. Pp. 103-110
    V.N. POPOV, A.N. KHARIN, D.A. ZHUKALIN. The University's Innovative Activity and the Real Sector of the Economy. Pp. 111-116
    A.V. AKULSHINA, L.A. ZAVIALOVA. Internationalization of Higher Education: International Vector of the University Development Strategy. Pp. 117-125
    M.D. KARPACHEV. Foundation of Voronezh State University. Pp. 126-134
    Internationalization of Education
    A.A. ONOSOV, E.V. BRYZGALINA, N.E. SAVINA, S.V. TUMANOV. Foreign Learning Platforms in Russian Education System: Potential Capacity Evaluation and Risks Forecasting. Pp. 135-151
    N.M. AUBAKIROV, A.A. DOLGOPOLOVA. Communicative Language Teaching Method in Teaching the Kazakh Language to Russian-Speaking Technical Students in Kazakhstan. Pp. 152-158
    Seminars. Conferences
    T.V. KOSTINA. The 15th Anniversary of the Seminar on the History of Higher School in St. Petersburg. Pp. 159-168

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