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    .: Issue 8-9-2016 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    CHUBIK, P.S., LIDER, A.M., ZAMYATIN, S.V., CHUBIK, M.P., KIRYANOVA, L.G., SLESARENKO, I.V. Effective Contract System for University Research and Teaching Staff. Pp. 5-14.
    VCHERASHNY, P.M., GAFUROVA, N.V., RUMYANTSEV, M.V., OSIPENKO, O.A. Engineering Education: Format Change. Pp. 15-21.
    Sociology of Education
    MARTYNENKO, O.O., KOROTINA, O.A. Vladivostok Students' Value System. Pp. 22-29.
    MELIKYAN, A.V. International Activities of Higher Education Institutions in the Asian Part of Russia. Pp. 30-39.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2016 University: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    GOLOVKO, N.V., ZINEVICH, O.V., RUZANKINA, E.A. Third Generation University: B. Clark and J. Wissema. Pp. 40-47.
    BALMASOVA, T.A. Third Mission" of the University ? a New Vector of Development?. Pp. 48-55.
    Academic Writing
    KOROTKINA, I.B. Limitations of the US Writing Center Model in Russia. Pp. 56-65.
    SQUIRES, L.A. The NES Writing and Communication Center: the Case for Student-oriented Writing Centers in Russia. Pp. 66-73.
    Discussing a Problem
    GITMAN, E.K., GITMAN, M.B., STOLBOV, V.Yu., STOLBOVA, I.D. The Development and Use of Competence-Based Approach to Fund of Assessment Tools within the Framework of the Intermediate Evaluation of an Academic Subject. Pp. 74-83.
    DULZON, A.A., GALANINA, E.V. Engineering Ethics at Technical University. Pp. 84-91.
    TOMILTCEV, A.V., MALTSEV, A.V. Methodology for Knowledge Measurement in Professional Training. Pp. 92-100.
    Forge of Oil Personnel for Tatarstan Republic
    NURGALIEV, R.Z. The 60th Anniversary of Almetyevsk State Oil Institute: On the Way to Modernization and Renewal. Pp. 102-105
    IVANOV, A.F. Training of In-demand Engineers for Oil-and-Gas Complex. Pp. 106-111
    RAKHIMOVA, R.M., MINKIN, M.R. Oil Higher Education Establishment in Tatarstan Republic. Pp. 112-116
    SHAIDULLINA, A.R. From "Headhunting" to "Head-Growing". Pp. 117-122
    ZAGITOVA, L.R. Practice-focused Mathematics Education for O&G Students and Specialists. Pp. 123-127
    KABIROV, R.R., NOVIKOVA, A.Kh., DVOYASHKIN, N.K. The Methods of Teaching Physics for Undergraduate Students at Oil and Gas Institute. Pp. 128-135
    ZARIPOVA, Z.F. Regional Subject Competition: Practical Experience. Pp. 136-141
    Crossroad of Opinions
    ROBOTOVA, A.S. Scientific and Pedagogical Reviewing: Big Problems of a Small Genre. Pp. 142-148.
    Internationalization of Education
    IVANOV, V.G., KAIBIYAYNEN, A.A., GALIKHANOV, M.F. Interdisciplinarity as the Main Vector for the Development of Engineering Education (Network Conference Review). Pp. 149-160.

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