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    .: Issue 8-9-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    KARAVAEVA E.V., MALANDIN V.V., PILIPENKO S.A., TELESHOVA I.G. The First Experience of Design and Implementation of Post-Graduate Training and Professional Development of Faculty Members Programs as Programs of the Third Level of Higher Education: Identified Issues and Feasible Solutions. Pp. 5-15
    FEDOROV I.B., MEDVEDEV V.E. Training Research and Engineering Elite for Russian Defense Industry. Pp. 15-21
    Engineering pedagogy
    STOLBOVA I.D., ALEKSANDROVA E.P., NOSOV K.G. Projects Method in Organizing of Graphical Training. Pp. 22-31
    IVANOV A.V., KUZNETSOV O.V. Improvement of Professional Training for the Military-Industrial Complex. Pp. 32-38
    OSIPOVA S.I., RUDNITSKIY E.A. Integration of Stakeholders in the Implementation of CDIO Ideology. Pp. 39-45
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 8-9 2015 Internationalization of education
    ARTAMONOVA Yu.D., DEMCHUK A.L., KAMYNINA N.R., KOTLOBOVSKY I.B. Russian Higher Education System in the Bologna Process (On the materials of the Russian Federation National Report for the EHEA Ministerial Conference). Pp. 46-53
    IVANOV V.G., ZIYATDINOVA J.N., SANGER Ph.A. Contemporary Engineering Education: Unity in Diversity. Pp. 54-60
    Sociology of education
    NAZAROVA I.B. Challenges for Russian University and Scholars. Pp. 61-68
    DONETSKAYA S.S. The Condition and Structure of the Corruption in the Russian Universities. Pp. 68-77
    RADIONOVSKAYA T.I. The Readiness of Future Marine Engineers to Professional Activity in Arctic Region. Pp. 77-81
    BOROVSKAYA M.A. Research and Education Priorities in the Development of Southern Federal University. Pp. 82-86
    PSHIKHOPOV V.Kh., KOSENKO E.Yu. Improving Engineering Education System to Ensure Personnel Training for Defense Industry. Pp. 87-93
    SOLDATOV A.V. Mega-Science Facilities as an Important Instrument for Synergy of World Level Education and Science. Pp. 94-97
    VOLCHIK V.V. Institutional Change and Adaptive Behavior in Higher Education: The Case of Reforms in Undergraduate Economic Education in Russia. Pp. 98-104
    KOLESNIKOV S.I. Mega-Project of the Southern Federal University. Pp. 105-108
    VOLKOV Yu.G., SERIKOV A.V., CHERNOUS V.V. Regional Studies in Southern Federal University and its Role in the Integration Processes in the South of Russia. Pp. 109-116
    MUKHANOV E.L. Activities of Inter-University Research Institute in the Area of Chemistry and Materials Science. Pp. 116-121
    Higher school pedagogy
    ROBOTOVA A.S. About Dialogue, Monologue, and Silence in Education. Pp. 122-128
    LOBANOVA N.I. Understanding as a Problem of Education. Pp. 129-134
    Academic writing
    BAZANOVA E.M. Laboratory of Scholarly Communications: Russian Perspective. Pp. 135-143
    KUZNETSOVA L. B., SUCHKOVA S.A. Active or Passive? "I" or "We?" Pp. 143-148
    NASIBULLINA F.F., BEZRUKOV A.N. Academic Writing in The Historical and Linguistic Context: an Example of German Language. Pp. 148-153
    Research debut
    POLYAKOVA O.V. Transhumanism in Russia: Social Activities. Pp. 154-162
    GRANOVSKAYA O.L. Isaiah Berlin as a Philosopher and a Teacher. Pp. 162-167

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