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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 7-2021 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    V.V. BOLGOVA, M.A. GARANIN, E.A. KRASNOVA, L.V. KHRISTOFOROVA. Post-Pandemic Education: Falling or Preparing for a Jump? Pp. 9-30
    V.A. PUSHNYKH, N.C. GULIUS, E.Yu. YATKINA. Impact of Corporate Culture on the Universities’ Achievements in the “5-100” Project. Pp. 31-39
    S.I. PAKHOMOV, V.A. GURTOV, L.V. SHCHEGOLEVA. Harmonization of Postgraduate Training System with the Certification of Candidates of Sciences. Pp. 40-49
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    R.A. ZAYAKINA. University Network Capital as an Element of the City’s Social Capital. Pp. 50-59
    N.D. TSKHADAYA, D.N. BESGODOV, O.I. BELYAEVA. Missiotropic Axiologic of the University. Pp. 60-69
    A.V. BODROV. About Qualifications in the List of Specialties and Areas of Preparation for Higher Education. Pp. 72-80
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2021 Sociology of Higher Education
    O.V. TUMASHEVA. Social and Professional Partnership in Preparation of Pedagogical Personnel: Regional Practices. Pp. 81-90
    M.A. LUKASHENKO, N.V. GROMOVA, A.A. OZHGIKHINA. Digital Media Image of Business University Professor. Pp. 91-104
    Academic Writing
    I.E. ABRAMOVA, A.V. ANANYINA. Systematic Approach to Teaching Academic Writing: Practical Experience. Pp. 105-116
    N.V. AGEENKO, S.G. MENSHENINA, V.V. DOBROVA, P.G. LABZINA. Practical Aspects of Academic Literacy Development in Higher Education Institution. Pp. 117-127
    Internationalization of Education
    A.E. GODENKO, G.V. BOYKO, R.B. GADGIEV, N.Yu. FILIMONOVA. Student Mobility as a Form of Internationalization of Education: A Systems Approach to Management. Pp. 129-138
    R.M. PETRUNEVA, L.F. BELYAKOVA, T.L. SIDOROVA. Internationalization of Education: La Peau de Ñhagrin of the Russian Language. P. 139-148.
    E.V. TYUMENTSEVA, N.V. KHARLAMOVA, A.E. GODENKO. Problems of Teaching Foreign Students under Conditions of the Pandemic. P. 149-158
    E.S. IONKINA, O.S. KHARLAMOV. Strategy for Foreign Pre-Graduates’ Professional-Language Competence Development. P. 159-167.

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