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    .: Issue 7-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.Ya. KOGAN, N.Yu. POSTALYUK, T.G. KUTEINITSYNA. Models of University Interaction with the Economy and Social Sphere of the Region. Pp. 9-18
    O.A. MATVEEVA. Development of the Voluntary Accreditation for Study Programmes in Russia. Pp. 19-28
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    O.K. KROKINSKAYA. Education of the Post-Industrial Era: Setting on the Person and Intelligence. Pp. 29-42
    D.A., SEVOSTYANOV, A.R. GAINANOVA. Goal-Setting of Modern Students: Inverse Analysis. Pp. 43-53
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2019 Sociology of Education
    T.N. BLINOVA, A.V. FEDOTOV. Higher Education in the Far East: Market Position and Development Needs of the Region. Pp. 54-70
    I.V. ZAKHAROVA. The Role of Universities in Curbing Interregional Educational Migration. Pp. 71-84
    Engineering Pedagogy
    A.P. ISAEV, L.V. PLOTNIKOV. Technology for Training Creative Graduates in Engineering Bachelor's Programs. Pp. 85-93
    A.A. SYSOEV, E.B. VESNA, Yu.I. ALEKSANDROV. About a New Model of Engineering Training. Pp. 94-101
    Higher School Pedagogy
    V.Yu. STROMOV, P.V. SYSOYEV, V.V. ZAV'YALOV. Cluster Approach to the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship in Classical University. Pp. 102-109
    V.P. IGNATIEV, L.F. VARLAMOVA. Monitoring the Effectiveness of Master's Programs Implementation. Pp. 110-118
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    S.V. VOLKOVA. Emotions and Education through the Prism of Feminist Theories. Pp. 119-127
    University and Region
    University as a Basic Element of Social and Economic Development of a Region. P. 128
    Zh.A. ERMAKOVA. Training Specialists for the Digital Economy in Orenburg State University Pp. 129-138
    T.A. OLKHOVAYA, N.A. ZINYUKHINA, Yu.N. NIKULINA. The Cooperation Between University and Business Community: Experience and Development Priorities Pp. 139-149
    A.N. POLYAKOV, I.D. BELONOVSKAYA. Training a New Generation of Engineers for a Digital Economy. Pp. 150-159
    A.V. KIRYAKOVA, N.A. KARGAPOLTSEVA, S.M. KARGAPOLTSEV. Advanced Training as a Tool for Innovation Management in Regional Education. Pp. 160-167

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