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    .: Issue 7-2016 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    KVELIDZE-KUZNETSOVA, N.N., LAPTEV, V.V., MOROZOVA, S.A. Kinds of Ratings of Education Related Scientific Journals. Pp. 5-16
    ABRAMOV, A.N., ROTKOV, L.Yu., SIMONOV, A.V., TREMBOVETSKIY, V.V. Innovative Model of Training Officers in Civil University. Pp. 17-24
    Sociology of Education
    SEMENOVA, T.V. The Effect of Academic Motivation on Achievement: A Role of Academic Activity. Pp. 25-37
    ANDREEV, A.A. Student and History. Pp. 38-44
    DIAS, F., TRET'YAKOVA, A.N., ATEF, T., KOSMACZEWSKA, J., NAVICKIEN?, R. Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intentions of Students Specializing in the Tourism Industry. Pp. 45-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2016 Federal University: The Best Practices
    TRE'YAKOV, V.S., LARIONOVA, V.A. Open Online Courses as a Tool for Modernization of Educational Process in Universities. Pp. 55-66
    Panel Discussion
    Teaching Staff Training, Higher School Pedagogy, and Engineering Pedagogy: Round Table Discussion. Pp. 67-87
    Crossroad of Opinions
    ILYIN, G.L. Project Education as a Work with Information. Pp. 88-94
    MOSKVINA, N.B. Meaning Conflict in Higher School Teacher's Activity (Experience of Empirical Research). Pp. 95-102
    University Life
    The Basic University on the South of Russia (Interview with the Rector of Volgograd State Technical University V.I. Lysak). Pp. 103-106
    NAVROTSKIY, A.V. Features of the Development Program of Volgograd State Technical University - Flagship University of Volgograd Region. Pp. 107-116
    GONIK, I.L., YUROVA, O.V., TEKIN, A.V., STEGACHEV, E.V., FETISOV, A.V. Modernization of the Control System as a Tool to Support the Development of a Regional Basic University. Pp. 117-126
    PETRUNEVA, R.M., VASILYEVA, V.D., TOPORKOVA, O.V. Socio-cultural Environment of the University, Traditions of Educational Work, and Extra-Curricular Activities of Future Engineers. Pp. 127-136
    ZAKHAROV, E.A. The Formation of a Unified Information Environment of a Basic University. Pp. 137-142
    Discussing a Problem
    VALITOVA, E.YU., STARODUBTSEV, V.A. Pedagogical Support of Bachelor's Professional Self-Determination. Pp. 143-151
    ANTONOVA, J.P., KALITSKIY, V.V. Working with Visually-Impaired Performers in Piano Class. Pp. 152-160
    Internationalization of Education
    ZEMLYUKOV, S.V., MANSKOV, S.A., NEKHVYADOVICH, L.I. The Use of Cultural Heritage to Study the Russian Language in Russia and in the Countries of the Asian Region. Pp. 161-167

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