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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 7-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    CHUBIK P.S., BLINOVA N.YU., MOISEENKO E.L. Implementation of International Accounting Standards at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Pp. 5-12
    SMOLYANINOVA O.G., KORSHUNOVA V.V. Designing the Educational Outcomes of Bachelor's Degree Students in Pedagogy on a Basis of Teacher's Professional Standard. Pp. 12-19
    Engineering pedagogy
    BARABANOVA S.V. Bilingualism, Multicultural and Comparative Law in Engineering Education. Pp. 20-25
    EFANOV V.I., MAGAZINNIKOVA A.L., NESMELOVA N.N. Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers. Pp. 26-30
    PETRUNEVA R.M., TOPORKOVA O.V., VASILYEVA V.D. Project-Based Training as a Modern Trend in Engineering Education. Pp. 30-36
    SIDNYAEV N.I., SOBOLEV S.K. The Conceptual Basis for the Improvement of Mathematics Education at Technical University. Pp. 36-41
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2015 Academic writing
    DOBRYNINA O.L. Propaedeutics of Errors in Abstracts of Papers Written in Russian. Pp. 42-50
    PRIGOZHINA K.B. Preparing Presentations for International Conferences. Pp. 50-55
    KOLESNIKOVA N.I. What Is Important for Postgraduates to Know about the Academic Texts? Pp. 55-62
    Discussing a problem
    EFREMOVA N.F. The Principles of Independent Evaluation System in Higher Education. Pp. 63-67
    RODINA N.V. What Lecturers Are Paid for: an Analysis of Universities' Legislative Acts. Pp. 68-74
    MALYSHEV E.N., VASILYEV N.V. Discipline Mastering Level and Competency Mastering Level: Possibility to Integrate the Estimations. Pp. 75-78
    85th anniversary of Stavropol State Agrarian University
    TRUKHACHEV V.I. Factors of Critical Success of the Stavropol State Agrarian University. Pp. 80-87
    MOROZOV V.Yu., BEZGINA Yu.A., SAMOYLENKO V.V. Research and Innovation Activity of the Stavropol State Agrarian University: Tendencies and Results. Pp. 87-92
    KHOKHLOVA E.V., FEDISKO O.N., DUB G.V. Fundamental EFQM Concepts as the Basis of the University Quality Management System. Pp. 93-98
    SKRIPKIN V.S., TUNINA N.A. Organization of Career Guidance at the University. Pp. 99-103
    IVASHOVA V.A., GALEEV E.V., FED'KOVA T.V. Customers' Satisfaction with the University New Approaches and Results. Pp. 103-108
    KRON R.V., DOLGIKH E.V. Methodology for Formation of the Objective Data of Electronic Student Portfolio. Pp. 109-113
    ATANOV I.V., GUNKO T.I., YURCHENKO S.N. Upbringing Work at the Agrarian University. Pp. 113-118
    Internationalization of education
    TKACH G.F., SENASHENKO V.S. Bologna Process: Evolution of Priorities and Interim Results. Pp. 119-130
    Education Online
    SHESTAK N.V., PODZOLKOVA N.M. Implementation of Educational Programs Using Distance Learning Technologies. Pp. 131-140
    GOSUDAREV I.B. E-Learning in the Language of Higher Education: Evolution and Hermeneutics of the Concept and the Phenomenon. Pp. 141-150
    ZAGVOZDKINA M.V. STYMKOVSKY V. I. E-Learning: New Tasks for University Teacher. Pp. 150-155
    ABRAMOVA O.M. Cloud Services for Organization of Students' Education Activity Control. Pp. 155-159

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