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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 7-2014 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    SEROSHTAN M.V., VLADIMIRSKIY B.M. Ranking Russian universities: how to measure? Pp. 5-10.
    ABLAMEIKO S.V., ZHURAVKOV M.A., SAMOKHVAL V.V., KHUKHLYNDINA L.M. New CIS university league tables - correlations with the webometrics rankings. Pp. 11-22.
    NAZAROVA I.R. Foresight in future studies of Russian education. Pp. 22-29.
    Education and science
    DIEV V.S. Historical context of managerial decisions in Russian science and higher education. Pp. 31-36.
    ZINEVICH O.V., RUZANKINA E.A. University as a scientific and social institute in the contemporary Russian society. Pp. 37-43.
    NIKITENKO E.V. Trends in higher education in Russia in terms of its modernization. Pp. 44-49.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2014 Sociology of education
    LYZ' N.A., LYZ' A.E. Risks of pedagogical innovations in higher education. Pp. 50-57.
    LUKASHENKO M.A. About personal efficiency of managers in higher education institutions: fighting with time absorbers. Pp. 57-63.
    ZALIVANSKY B.V., SAMOKHVALOVA E.V. Organization of career guidance at the university. Pp. 64-70.
    Round table discussion
    Postgraduate programs and doctoral studies in modern conditions and a destiny of skills raising system. Part 2. Pp. 71-85.
    Education online
    STARODUBTSEV V.A., KISELEVA A.A. Blog as a tool of e-learning. Pp. 86-92.
    IVANCHENKO D.A. Mobile technologies management in the information space of modern institute of higher education. Pp. 93-100.
    University life
    KOVALEVSKIY V.P. Training of qualified specialists at Orenburg State University (Interview). Pp. 101-107.
    PETUKHOVA T.P. Technological aspects of design of educational programs of preparation of the applied bachelor. Pp. 108-114.
    SERDYUK A.I., POLYAKOV A.N., RADYGIN A.B. OSU Aerospace Institute as an educational and scientific training center for defense industry enterprises. Pp. 115-122.
    VAKULYUK V.M., MITROFANOV S.G., MOROZOV V.A. Applied baccalaureate programs for the Orenburg region electricity industry. Pp. 122-128.
    ANISHCHENKO V.A. The role of education, science and production integration process in the development of university research and innovation potential. Pp. 128-135.
    ALBAKASOV A.I., GUR'YEVA V.A. Personnel training for the construction industry of the region. Pp. 135-139.
    MELEKESOV G.A., EROFEEVA N.E. Organization of applied baccalaureate in college of humanities and technology on the basis of cluster approach. Pp. 140-144.
    Internationalization of education
    GAZALIEV A.M., EGOROV V.V., BREYDO I.V. Engineering training of bachelors of technical specialties in accordance with modular approach principles. Pp. 145-150.
    BALTRENAS P. Organization of doctoral training at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Pp. 151-156.
    Facts. Comments. Notes
    UFIMTSEVA M.A., BOCHKAREV Y.M., VISHNEVSKAYA I.F. Implementation of grade point average system at a clinical department of medical university. Pp. 157-159.

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