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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 7-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Strongin R.G., Petrov A.V. On the value guidelines of Russian students and on fostering the moral foundations of society. P. 3-9
    Andronchev I.K., Krasinskaya L.F. Training specialists for transport industry: problems and prospects. P. 10-15
    Evseev S.P., Taimazov V.A., Filippov S.S. Scientific and pedagogical schools as an important factor of modernization of physical culture and sports education. P. 15-21
    Crossroad of opinions
    Belotserkovsky A.V. On the quality of quantity and the quantity of quality. P. 22-29
    Konstantinova L.V. Problems of a magistracy development in the conditions of higher education reforming. P. 30-36
    Kon E.L., Freyman V.I., Yuzhakov A.A., Kon E.M. The approach to formation of the competence component structure. P. 37-41
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 7 2013 University life
    The most northern university
    Sergeev A.M., Fedorov P.V., Gushina A.V. Changing university in a changing region. P. 43-51
    Ryzhkova I.V., Burtseva A.V. Internationalization of a regional university. P. 52-58
    Shadrina I.M. Additional professional education at humanities university. P. 59-62
    Kuzmicheva T.V. Inclusive education in the Barents region. P. 63-67
    Tsylev V.R. North and northerners: sociological surveys at the university. P. 67-71
    Kirillova M.A. Student theatre in the sociocultural space of the European north. P. 72-76
    Discussing a problem
    Korzhuev A.V., Babaskin V.S., Sadykova A.R. Reflexion as a strategy in the process of life-long pedagogical education. P. 77-80
    Kabirov R.R., Dvoyashkin N.K. Using task-modular technologies for physics teaching at petroleum engineering high school. P. 81-85
    Ivanchenko D.A. Informatization of higher school: socially-information determinants and development trends. P. 86-90
    Lobanov V.V. Historicism in university pedagogical disciplines. P. 90-94
    Guskova N.D., Krakovskaya I.N. Strategic partnership of the university: the principles of formation and development. P. 95-98
    Academic writing
    Academic writing: new events and new perspectives.
    Mironov Y.V. Developing students academic literacy at the faculty of public administration. P. 101-104
    Ostrovskaya E.S., Vyshegorodtseva O.V. Academic writing: principles and practice in the context of philological education. P. 104-113
    Safronov P.A. The last of academic writing: academic community, performance and material environment. P. 113-118
    Sociology of education
    Saganenko G.I., Sidorin A.A., Stepanova E.I. Russian higher education problems through the comparative analysis and contraposition of representations of university teachers and students (Part II). P. 119-132
    Novikova E. YU. Point-rating system: students opinion. P. 132-136
    Voskrekasenko O.A., Buchneva O.A. Adaptation of foreign first-year students of a military academy to the educational process as a pedagogical problem. P. 136-140
    Editorial mail
    Balonin N.A., Sergeev M.B. Technical "living book" and advanced network technologies. P. 141-144
    Blyakhman F.A., Teleshev V.A. Do we need a new educational standard for higher medical education? P. 145-147
    Sadkov V.G., Aronov D.V., Koskin A.V., Mashegov P.N. Dissertation councils of the future: 5 x 7 = quality. P. 148-152
    Repina E.YA., Mansurov YU.N., Miklushevsky D.V. On the problems of the effective training of highly qualified personnel. P. 152-153

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