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    .: Issue 6-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.G. ELINA, E.N. KOVTUN, S.E. RODIONOVA. Russian Higher Education in Conditions of Professional Standardization: Experience, Challenges, Risks. Pp. 9-27
    A.S. MIKHAYLOV, I.Yu. PEKER. Spatial Distribution of the Intellectual Capital of Russia Pp. 28-39
    Sociology of Education
    A.R. TUZIKOV, R.I. ZINUROVA. Sociology of Students: A Theoretical Perspective and Research Practice. Pp. 40-51
    A.F. SMYK, V.I. PRUSOVA, L.L. ZIMANOV, A.A. SOLNTSEV. Study of the Scale and the Reasons of Student Dropout from Technical University. Pp. 52-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2019 Internationalization of Education
    S.S. DONETSKAYA, Y. ZHAN. Internationalization of Higher Education in China: Modern Trends. Pp. 63-74
    E.Yu. NOVIKOVA, V.A. MITYAGINA, St. WALTER. University international cooperation: project based translation training. Pp. 75-85
    T.A. BALMASOVA. "New Regionalization": Modernization of Russian Universities and Experience of Germany. Pp. 86-96
    Higher School Pedagogy
    I.A. KOROBEINIKOV, T.V. KUZMICHEVA. Development of Professional Competences of Teachers and Psychologists in the Conditions of Joint Training. Pp. 97-106.
    E.A. KOMOCHKINA, T.V. SELEZNEVA. Long Live Technical Translation: Technical Translation in English Language Learning. Pp. 107-114
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    L.V. SHIPOVALOVA. Science Communication and Education of Future Researchers. To the Question of Teaching the History and Philosophy of Science at University. Pp. 115-127.
    University and Region
    Pedagogical Research at Technical University. P. 128
    L.V. ORININA, I.V. KASHUBA, N.V. DYORINA, E.V. RABINA. Modern Pedagogical Approaches in the System of Engineering Education. Pp. 129-137.
    I.A. KUVSHINOVA, E.L. MITSAN, E.M. RAZUMOVA, E.I. SHULEVA. Modern Technologies of Inclusive Higher Education. Pp. 138-148.
    T.F. OREKHOVA, T.G. NERETINA, E.N. KONDRASHOVA. Formulation of Scientific Concepts as a Component of the Research Competence of Future Teachers. Pp. 149-157.
    E.E. RUSLYAKOVA, O.V. PUSTOVOITOVA, Yu.P. KISELEVA, L.A. YAKOVLEVA. Theory and Practice of Using Robotics in Educational Process. Pp. 158-167.

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