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    .: Issue 6-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    V.A. LAZARENKO, V.A. LIPATOV, T.A. OLEYNIKOVA, D.A. SEVERINOV, N.B. FILINOV. Efficiency of Ranking Implementation in University Management System: Practical Experience. Pp. 9-19
    I.V. ZAKHAROVA. Marketing Tools in Modern Higher Education Institution: Tendencies of Research. Pp. 20-30
    I.E. ZADOROZHNYUK, V.M. KALASHNIK, S.V. KIREEV. Moscow International University Ranking "The Three University Missions" in the Global Educational Space. Pp. 31-40
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A.I. RAKITOV. Higher Education and Artificial Intelligence: Euphoria and Alarmism. Pp. 41-49
    N.I. MARTISHINA. "Anti-plagiarism" System in Self-regulation of Scientific Activity. Pp. 50-57
    O.V. MIKHAILOV. Oral Exam, or About the Specifics of Taking Exams in Modern Research Universities. Pp. 58-65
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2018 Engineering Pedagogy
    A. ZAFOSCHNIG. Smart Ideas for Engineers - the Impact of Emerging Technologies on Modern Engineering Education. Pp. 66-70
    M.N. FILATOVA, V.S. SHEINBAUM, P.G. SHCHEDROVITSKY. Ontology of Teamwork Competency and Approaches to Its Development at Engineering University. Pp. 71-82
    P.F. KUBRUSHKO, D.O. EPRIKYAN. Engineering Pedagogy in Vocational Education: Methodological Aspect. Pp. 83-87
    Sociology of Education
    S.I. CHERNYKH. Social Elevators in Education: Problems and Solutions. Pp. 88-95
    G.E. ZBOROVSKY, P.A. AMBAROVA. How to Turn Trust into Non-material Asset of Higher Education. Pp. 96-107
    S.V. LUKICHEVA, O. Yu. MARKOVA. On the Impact of Geo-social Factors on the Employment of Graduates of Technical Universities. Pp. 108-112
    Internationalization of Education
    N. Sh. VATOLKINA, O.P. FEDOTKINA. International Strategic University Partnership: Interaction Models. Pp. 113-119
    A.M. REZAEI, P. GOLESTAN. Teaching the Culture of Speech Communication in the Iranian Class. Pp. 120-124
    Education Online
    N.V. GRECHUSHKINA. Online Course: Definition and Classification. Pp. 125-134
    S.A. KRAS'KO, L.G. SERGEEVA, N.N. MIKHAILOVA. Application of Distance Learning at Technical Universities. Pp. 135-139
    Philosophy of Education and Science
    N.I. KUZNETSOVA. Higher School and Science: Values and Meanings (To the Question of a Status of the Course "History and Philosophy of Science"). Pp. 140-151
    Pagers of History
    S.V. KORSHUNOV. The Role of Bauman Moscow State Technical University in Scientific and Methodical Support of Higher School of Russia (To the 30th Anniversary of Educational and Methodical Association). Pp. 152-167

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