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    .: Issue 6-2017 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    V.S. SENASHENKO. On the Reforming of National Higher Education System. Pp. 5-15
    Yu.B. RUBIN, M.V. LEDNEV, D.P. MOZHZHUKHIN. The Matrix of Competencies as a Tool of Entrepreneurship Bachelor Education. Pp. 16-28
    D.P. DANILAEV, N.N. MALIVANOV. The Modern Conditions and the Structure of Interaction between Universities, Students and Employers. Pp. 29-35
    Higher School Pedagogy
    I.E. ABRAMOVA, O.M. SHEREKHOVA, E.P. SHISHMOLINA. Student Created Videos in English Language Teaching. Pp. 36-43
    E.N. PEREVOSHCHIKOVA. An Innovative Approach to the Development of Master Programme in Teacher Education. Pp. 44-50
    I.O. LEUSHIN, I.V. LEUSHINA. Some Problems of Student Individual Work Organization at Technical University. Pp. 51-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2017 Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A.A. VERBITSKIY. Categorical Apparatus of the Theory of Contextual Education. Pp. 57-67
    S.G. GORIN. Teachers' Salaries, Grants, Scientific Protectionism: Postnonclassical Approach. Pp. 68-75
    Sociology of Education
    T.A. SAPRYKINA. The Transition "School - University": Predictors of Academic Performance of First-year Students. Pp. 76-87
    N.I. PROKOPOV, S.N. ANTONYUK, S.Yu. IVANOV, D.V. IVANOVA. Practices of Successful Employment of the Youth. Pp. 88-95
    National Research Nuclear University MEPhI: Transformations for Long-term Sustainable Development (Interview with the Rector M.N. Strikhanov). Pp. 96-100
    N.S. BARBASHINA, N.I. GERASKIN, G.V. TIKHOMIROV. Nuclear Education in MEPhI. Pp. 101-107
    M.G. GANCHENKOVA, I.E. ZADOROZHNYUK, V.M. KALASHNIK. Scientific and Technological Career in the Research University. Pp. 108-113
    V.D. KOLYCHEV, T.V. BELYAEVA, Yu.A. BRONNIKOVA. MEPhI's Experience in Formation of Personnel Reserve Participants. Pp. 114-120
    I.V. TSVETKOV, D.Yu. PRAVNIK. System of Pre-University Training "School - MEPhI". Pp. 121-125
    S.E. MURAVIEV, V.I. SKRYTNYI. MEPhI's Olympiads for Schoolchildren. Pp. 126-130
    T.N. STUKALOVA, I.P. KAPOCHKINA. Informational and Library Support of Educational Activities and Scientific Research. Pp. 131-135
    Discussing a Problem
    V.I. LEVIN. New Approach to Estimation of Scientific Research Quality. Pp. 136-146
    V.A. STARODUBTSEV, P.V. RODIONOV. Training and Professional Volunteer Organizations. Pp. 147-154
    R.Sh. URAZBAEV. Small Bribe Law Does Not Contribute to Reducing Corruption at Educational Institutions. Pp. 155-159
    V.G. FEDOROV. On the Outcomes of the Congress of the Association of Technical Universities. Pp. 160-162
    E.V. ALEXEEVA, S.A. IPATOVA. Scientific and practical conference "The Modern Entrepreneurial Education". Pp. 163-164

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