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    .: Issue 6-2016 :.

    Practice of Education Modernization
    PILIPENKO, S.A., ZHIDKOV, A.A., KARAVAEVA, E.V., SEROVA, A.A. On the Correlation Between Federal Educational Standards of Higher Education and Professional Standards: Problems, Possible Approaches, Recommendation on Actualization. Pp. 1-15
    NECHAEV, V.D. Modernization of the Russian Doctoral Programs in Education: The Search of Models in an International Context. Pp. 16-33
    Federal University: The Best Practices
    ÑHICHERINA, N.V., ZAITSEVSKAYA, A.A. Module-based Accrual System of University Staff In-service Training. Pp. 34-41
    LEVITSKAYA, A.A. Formation of the Russian Identity in the Youth Environment: Experience of Practical Implementation. Pp. 42-46
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2016 Higher Education Pedagogy
    VERBITSKIY, A.A., RYBAKINA, N.A. Invariable Result of Life-Long Education. Pp. 47-54
    MARTISHINA, N.I. The Theory of Epistemological Diversity and Some Strategic Guidelines for Higher Education. Pp. 55-61
    Panel Discussion
    Teaching Staff Training, Higher School Pedagogy, and Engineering Pedagogy: Round Table Discussion. Pp. 62-86
    Crossroad of Opinions
    TKHAGAPSOEV, Kh.G., SAPUNOV, M.B. The Russian Educational Reality and Its Converted Forms. Pp. 87-97
    Academic Writing
    KOLESNIKOVA, N.I., RIDNAYA, Yu.V. The Genre Model of a Scientific Paper in the Russian and English Languages. Pp. 98-105
    DUGARTSYRENOVA, V.A. Issues and Challenges in Teaching Academic Writing to Non-native English Speakers. Pp. 106-112
    University Life
    On the Way to the Pivotal Regional University Status
    TSKHADAYA, N.D. Technical Education: for the Benefit of Regions, for the Benefit of the Country. Pp. 114-120
    SOTNIKOVA, O.A., SUSHKOV, V.V. Features of Educational and Methodical Work at Pivotal Technical University. Pp. 121-127
    BEZGODOV, D.N., BELYAEVA, O.I. Sociocultural Mission of the University in the Context of the Region Development. Pp. 128-134
    GRIGORIEV, A.N., KORSHUNOV, G.V. Internationalization of Education as High-Priority Activities of the University. Pp. 135-141
    BASHKIROV, S.P., VOLKOVA, O.A. Competence Approach to Organization of Extracurricular Activities at the University. Pp. 142-147
    PULKIN, A.G., PULKINA, V.A. The Activities of UGTU Business Incubator in Shaping the Image of the University. Pp. 148-153
    Discussing a Problem
    BELYAKOVA, L.F. SIDOROVA, T.L., PETRUNEVA, R.M., VASILYEVA, V.D. Improvement of Speech Culture of Technical University Students. Pp. 154-161
    URAZBAEV, R.Sh. Legislative Neglect. Pp. 162-166

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