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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 6-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    KOVALEV I.V., LOGINOV Yu.Yu., ZELENKOV P.V. Training of Engineers Using the Project-Oriented Teaching. Pp.5-11
    DOZHDIKOV A.V. The State Accreditation of Higher Education Programs Realized in Network Form. Pp. 11-19
    KOSTYLEV I.I., OVSYANNIKOV M.K. Marine Education in International Industry. Pp. 20-25
    Crossroad of opinions
    BELOTSERKOVSKY A.V. On Coordination of Educational and Professional Standards. Pp. 26-31
    SENASHENKO V.S. On the Correlation Between Professional Standards and Federal Educational Standards of Higher Education. Pp. 31-36
    DONSKIKH O.A. Case on Educational Standards. Pp. 36-43
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2015 Academic writing
    KOROTKINA I.B. Writing for Academic Communication: What is Focus? Pp. 44-51
    POPOVA N.G. Introductions to Science Research Papers: Basic Principles, Structure and Composition. Pp. 52-58
    SMIRNOVA N.V. Fostering Academic Literacy and Academic Writing in University: From Theory to Practice. Pp. 58-64
    Sociology of education
    KROKINSKAYA Î.K., TRAPITSIN S.Yu. Student as an "Education Consumer": Content of the Concept. Pp. 65-75
    NEFEDOVA A.I. About 'Academic Capitalism' and 'Entrepreneurship University'. Pp. 75-81
    PEVNAYA M.V. Student Volunteering: Motivation of Volunteers and Specific Features of Their Activity. Pp. 81-88
    LAPSHIN A.A. Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering: 85 years of Sustainable Development. Pp. 90-97
    ANISIMOV A.N., BOBYLEV V.N., YANCHENKO A.V., SHCHEGOLEV D.L., FILIN V.A., NIKULINA O.V. Educational System of NNGASU: Traditions and Innovations. Pp. 98-107
    SOBOL I.S., LAPSHIN A.A., MONICH D.V. Scientific and Innovative Activities of NNGASU. Pp. 108-113
    PHILIPPOV Yu. V. International Cooperation of NNGASU - the Projects Regardless of Time and Politics. Pp. 113-117
    SCHYOGOLEV D.L., KOSOVA N.M., LIKHACHEVA S.Yu., PAVLOVA L.V. Technology of Network Partnership Organization Within the Interaction "School - University". Pp. 118-123
    ZAMURAEVA M.A. Educational Work as a Factor Promoting Development of Social and Cultural Environment at the University. Pp. 124-130
    Discussing a problem
    SIDORENKO T.V., RYBOUSHKINA S.V. Issues of Language Education in Russian Technical Universities and Solutions for Their Elimination. Pp. 131-138
    PAK Yu.N., SHILNIKOVA I.O., PAK D.Yu. Students' Self-Educational Activity in Conditions of State Standard of New Generation. Pp. 138-144
    ABRAMOVA I.E., SHISHMOLINA E.P. Quality Control in Foreign Language Teaching. Pp. 144-149
    MININ M.G., LIZUNKOV V.G. Development of the Economy-Management Competencies BA in Engineering. Pp. 149-156
    Facts, comments, notes
    KEL'YIN A.A. Formation of Local Student Groups to Increase the Efficiency of Practical Training. Pp. 157-159

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