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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 6-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Grigoriev S.N., Eleneva Yu. Ya. Personnel training for the defense-industrial complex of Russia: problems and ways of their solution. P. 3-11
    Afanasiev D.V., Gryzlov V.S. Competence approach and a credit-modular system of training. P. 11-18
    Korchagin E.A., Safin R.S. Intgration as a basis of degree-oriented education in scientific-educational cluster. P. 19-25
    Traditions and innovations in engineering pedagogy
    Prikhodko V.M., Solovyev A.N. IGIP and engineering education in Russia and in the world. P. 26-32
    Verbitsky A.A., Puchkova E.B. The potential of tests as a means of education quality diagnostics: myths and reality. P. 33-44
    Zhurakovsky V.M. Principles of project management in development of research and educational activities in the leading Russian universities. P. 44-49
    Shestak N.V., Shestak V.P. Profile pedagogy and modern education. P. 49-55
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 6 2013 University life
    Classical university in the North Caucasus.
    Karamurzov B.S. A Regional university in modern Russia. P. 59-64
    Savintsev P.A. Regional university as a center of science. P. 65-70
    Kuzminov P.A., Kumykov A.M., Dzamikhov K.F. The regional historiography in the system of Russian university science. P. 71-76
    khagapsoev H.G. Competency-based education: to the problem of implementation. P. 76-81
    Gelyaeva A.I., Kremshokalova M. CH. About inter-university cooperation in culturological studies. P. 81-85
    Kumysheva R.M. Educational microenvironment at the classical university. P. 85-90
    Kochesokov R. Kh., Mamsirov Kh. B., Dymov E.M. Facets of classical university: Alexandr Sokurov' Art School in KBSU. P. 90-94
    Sociology of education
    Saganenko G.I. Russian higher education problems through the comparative analysis of journal publications from 2011 to 2012. P. 95-109
    Arzhanykh E.V., Moysov V.V. Career orientations of students with disabilities. P. 110-115
    University: yesterday, today, tomorrow
    Andreev A.L. Universities in the context of social history: from "education of culture" to formation of creative intellectual environments. P. 116-127
    Polonnikov .A. Iconic transition: alternatives and choices in education. P. 127-136
    Seminars, conferences
    Postgraduate study as an education program (round table discussion). P. 137-158
    Nalivayko N.V. Education in post-classical era. P. 160-162

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