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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 5-2021 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    A.V. ZAMYATIN, A.I. CHUCHALIN. Development of the Russian Universities Human Capacity in the Field of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Digital Technologies. Pp. 9-20
    P.V. SYSOYEV. Teacher Training for Content and Language Integrated Learning at the University. Pp. 21-31
    N.D. LYSSAKOV, E.N. LYSSAKOVA. Current Issues of Higher Education Pedagogy and University Teachers Skills Development. Pp. 32-43
    Higher Education Pedagogy
    V.I. BLINOV, E.YU. ESENINA, I.S. SERGEEV. Models of Blended Learning: Organizational and Didactic Typology. Pp. 44-64
    M.A. RAFSANJANI, E.H. ANDRIANSYAH, A.E. PRABOWO, N. LAILY. Determinants of Innovative Teaching among the Indonesian Lecturers. Pp. 65-74
    V.A. STARODUBTSEV. Practice-Centered Education in Higher School. Pp. 75-87
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2021 Sociology of Higher Education
    P.A. AMBAROVA, G.E. ZBOROVSKY. Imitations in Higher Education as a Social Problem. Pp. 88-106
    S.A. BAYKOV. Gender Balance of University Professors: European Experience and Its Relevance for Russia. Pp. 107-119
    I.A. ALESHKOVSKI, A.T. GASPARISHVILI, O.V. KRUKHMALEVA, N.P. NARBUT, N.E. SAVINA. Russian Higher School: Forced Distance Learning and Planned Switch to Distance Learning during Pandemic (Experience of Sociological Analysis). Pp. 120-137
    Higher Education Abroad
    Yu.L. MAZUROV, A.I. BANCHEVA. Higher Environmental Education in Japan: Social Mission and National Peculiarities. Pp. 138-149
    A.M. POGORELSKAYA. The Development of Higher Education System in Turkmenistan: Current Social, Economic, and Political Changes. Pp. 150-160
    Topical Theme
    E.V. BRYZGALINA, D.A. ALEKSEEVA, E.D. DRYAEVA. Digital Pedagogy: Experience of Advanced Training. P. 161-167.

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