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    .: Issue 5-2020 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    E.V. KUDRYASHOVA, S.E. SOROKIN, O.D. BUGAENKO. University-Industry Interaction as an Element of the University’s "Third Mission». Pp. 9-21
    D.V. PETROSYANTS, V.V. ZUBENKO, P.S. SELEZNEV, I.V. ARZHANOVA. Improving the Competitiveness of the Leading Universities of the North Caucasus Federal District in Sync with the Objectives of Regional Development. Pp. 22-33
    Sociology of Education
    G.E. ZBOROVSKY, P.A. AMBAROVA. The Educational Failure of Pupils and Students as a Social Phenomenon: A Research Methodology. Pp. 34-44
    D.V. MALTSEV, D.S. REPETSKIY. Satisfaction of Students with the Quality of Educational Services at Technical University. Pp. 45-52
    O.V. USACHEVA, M.K. CHERNYAKOV. Assessment of University Willingness to the Transition to Digital Educational Environment. Pp. 53-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2020 Academic Writing
    E.A. KOMOCHKINA, L.V. YAROTSKAYA. Integrative Teaching Strategy for Developing Writing Skills in Non-Linguistics Master Students. Pp. 64-72
    M.A. SAFONOVA, A.A. SAFONOV. Managing Co-Authorship as a Competence of Academic Writing: Organizational and Legal Points. Pp. 73-84
    Higher School Pedagogy
    L.M. Manakova. Integration of the Presentation of Educational Material in the Flipped Learning Model. Pp. 85-94
    E.E. Shishlova. Sociocultural Competence as a Quality Indicator in the Professional Training of Specialists. Pp. 95-102
    A.V. Timiryasova. Sustainable Development of University as a Prerequisite of Region’s and Country’s Prosperity. Pp. 105-116
    D.Z. Akhmetova. “The Ecological Person” in the Digital Era. Pp. 117-126
    M.A. Suchkov. Ethnocultural Factor of Inclusive Education Development (by the Examples of Russian Federation and Kyrgyz Republic). Pp. 127-135
    L.R. Fazleeva. Social Project as a Technology for Developing Leadership Qualities in Modern Students. Pp. 136-143
    Engineering Pedagogy
    N.A. Antonenko, T.A. Asaeva, O.V. Tikhonova, N.V. Grechushkina. Customized Approach to the Implementation of Educational Programs for Training Engineers. Pp. 144-156
    V.A. Teslenko, R.M. Melnikov. Prospects for Collaborative Industrial Doctoral Education in Russia. Pp. 157-167

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