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    .: Issue 5-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.A. SHEKHONIN, A.O. VOZNESENSKAYA, A.V. BAKHOLDIN, O.A. GAVRILINA. Training of Competitive Graduates Based on the Educational Standard of the ITMO University. Pp. 9-17
    A. I. CHUCHALIN. The CDIO ++ Approach to University Faculty Advanced Training for Research and Teaching Activities. Pp. 18-36
    Sociology of Education
    G.E. ZBOROVSKY, P.A. AMBAROVA. Universities and Cities in Provincial Russia. Pp. 37-51
    B.I. BEDNYI, K.D. DYATLOVA, N.V. RYBAKOV. State Examination as a Way to Assess Postgraduate Students' Teaching Competencies. Pp. 52-62
    A.M. OSIPOV. Market Mechanisms as a Social Deadlock for Russian Education. Pp. 63-72
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2019 Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    E.V. BALAKIREVA, A.S. ROBOTOVA. Why Pedagogy Needs Clarity in Definition of the Concept of Profession. Pp. 73-83
    O.V. BUDZINSKAYA, V.S. SHEINBAUM. 7 Years Later: Some Thoughts on the Developing of Qualification Framework. Pp. 84-93.
    Higher School Pedagogy
    K.N. VOLCHENKOVA. Flipped Classroom for Doctoral Students: Evaluating the Effectiveness. Pp. 94-103.
    R.N. BAKHTIZIN, O.A. BAULIN, R.M. MAZITOV, N.A. SHAIKHUTDINOVA. Transformation of the System of Training Specialists during the Transition to FSES 3++. Pp. 104-110
    Engineering Pedagogy
    V.D. VASILYEVA. Social Disciplines and Humanities in Engineering Training in the Context of the FSES 3++. Pp. 111-119.
    E.V. SHELYAGO, N.D. SHELYAGO. The Experience of Using "Virtual Petrolab" - Virtual Petrophysical Laboratory for Mobile Devices in the Educational Process. Pp. 120-126.
    University and Region
    University as a Centre of the Innovation Space in the Region. P. 128
    N.G. BAZHENOVA. Regional University: Guidelines for Self-Renewal]. Pp. 129-138.
    E.O. KLINSKAYA. The System of Environmental Education at the Regional University. Pp. 139-144.
    B.E. FISHMAN. About Subjectivity of a University Student in Educational Activity. Pp. 145-154.
    O.E. SHAPOVALOVA, N.V. SHKLYAR. Department of a University and Social Sphere of the Region. Pp. 155-160.
    I.M. VOROTILKINA, I.V. KOROLEVA. University and Professional Society of Social Workers as Subjects of Personnel Training. Pp. 161-167.

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