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    .: Issue 5-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    I.E. NIKULINA. Effective Contract at the University as a Driver of Work Quality Improvement of Scientific and Pedagogical Workers. Pp. 9-19
    V.Yu. STROMOV, P.V. SYSOYEV, V.V. ZAVYALOV. "School of Competencies" as a Technology for the Development of Students' Additional Competencies at Classical University. Pp. 20-29
    A.R. GROSHEV, G.E. KARATAEVA. Lean-Technologies as a Resource of Education Modernization. Pp. 30-36
    Higher School Pedagogy
    A.A. KURMANGULOV, YU.S. RESHETNIKOVA, R.N. BAGIROV, O.I. FROLOVA, N.S. BRYNZA. "Factory of Processes" - A New Format of Educational Process Organization at Higher Education Institution. Pp. 37-41
    T.A. BORZOVA. Teacher as a Principle Element of the "Flipped Classroom" Technology. Pp. 42-49
    T.L. GURULEVA. Status and Problems of Developing Educational Resources in Chinese Language in Higher School. Pp. 50-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2018 University: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    The Third Generation University in the Strategy of Modern Education Development (round table discussion). Pp. 59-73
    Internationalization of Education
    O.V. VOROBIEVA, I.G. TELESHOVA. Research Activities in the European Qualifications System: Experience and Problems. Pp. 74-86
    I.E. ABRAMOVA, A.V. ANANYINA. Internationalization of Russian Regional Universities: Designing Programmes in English for Master's Degrees in Humanities. Pp. 87-95
    A.I. EVSEEVA. "VuzEcoFest" as a Practice of Ecological Culture Development among Students. Pp. 96-103
    Academic Writing
    T.Y. POLYAKOVA. The Problems of Engineering Pedagogy Terms Interpretation in the International Communication. Pp. 104-109
    T.B. ALENKINA. Academic Writing and Its Development in Russia: Genre Approach. Pp. 110-113
    M.M. MILEYEVA. International and National in Academic Paper. Pp. 114-120
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    A.L. ANDREEV. Sociology as a Tool of "Pedagogical Intelligence". Pp. 121-129
    A.E. RAZUMOV. The Freedom of Creativity and Creative Imagination. Man and His Time. Pp. 130-140
    Military Department
    V.S. DOBROVOLSKY, G.G. SHPAKOV. Innovative Approach to Improving the Quality of Students' Military Training. Pp. 141-151
    E.N. KARLOVA. Dynamics of Value Orientations and Attitudes of Military Educational Institutions' Cadets. Pp. 152-159
    Reviews. Information
    I.E. ZADOROZHNYUK. 75 Years MIFI: Continuity of Educational Innovations. Pp. 160-164
    Universities in the Era of Global Challenges: XI Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors. Pp. 165-168

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