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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 5-2017 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.K. GITMAN, M.B. GITMAN, V.Yu. STOLBOV, A.P. CHUGUNOV. Some Problems of the Organization of Network Interuniversity Interaction. Pp. 5-14
    G.E. VESELOV, N.A. LYZ', A.E. LYZ'. Construction of the Future: The Experience of Phased Improvement of Engineering Education. Pp. 15-22
    A.V. MALTSEV, A.V. TOMILTSEV. Monitoring of Quality of Educational Achievements: Subject, Functions, Methods. Pp. 23-33
    Sociology of Education
    N.A. EKIMOVA. Curtailment of Educational Potential of Russian Regions. Pp. 34-44
    E.A. OPFER. Higher Pedagogical Education and Employers: Principles of Collaboration. Pp. 45-51
    G.N. KRAYNOV. Whether There Will Be an Effect from the Effective Contract in System of Higher Education? Pp. 52-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2017 Engineering Pedagogy
    A.P. ISAEV, L.V. PLOTNIKOV, N.I. FOMIN. Technology of Open-Ended Engineering in Training of Engineers. Pp. 59-67
    V.G. IVANOV, F.T. SHAGEEVA, M.F. GALIKHANOV. Continuous Training of Engineers for Innovative Economy in the Research University. Pp. 68-78
    E.A. KORCHAGIN, R.S. SAFIN. Designing Flexible Content of the Educational Program at Engineering University. Pp. 79-87
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    A.I. RAKITOV. Philosophy of Education and Higher School. Pp. 88-96
    S.V. VOLKOVA. Phenomenology of Body in the Context of Education. Pp. 97-104
    Education Online
    S.V. BOGOLEPOVA, N.V. MALKOVA. Use of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education: Progress and Potential. Pp. 105-112
    I.N. GOLITSYNA. Flexible Learning in Traditional Educational Process. Pp. 113-117
    T.A. BORONENKO, V.S. FEDOTOVA. Pedagogical Monitoring of Student Research Activity Performance via Electronic Portfolio. Pp. 118-122
    University Life
    The Classical University in Upper Volga Region. Pp. 123-124
    L.N. SKAKOVSKAYA, L.A. KATAUSKAYTE. Quality Management System of Tver State University. Pp. 125-132
    I.A. KAPLUNOV, A.A. MALTSEVA. Tver State University: Creating the Future. Pp. 133-140
    N.E. SERDITOVA, N.A. LUCHININA, L.S. PAVLOVA. Project Approach to the Organization of Education Activities at the University. Pp. 141-147
    O.A. BOL'SHAKOVA. The Regional Graduate Job Placement Centre. Pp. 148-154
    Yu.V. NAUMTSEV, A.N. LEBEDEV. Botanical Garden of Tver State University as a Scientific-Educational Center. Pp. 155-162
    Seminars. Conferences
    Engineering Pedagogy: Outcomes of the Interuniversity Methodological Seminar (Review). Pp. 163-164

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