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    .: Issue 5-2016 :.

    Federal University: The Best Practices
    KUDRYASHOVA, E.V., CHICHERINA, N.V. On the Organization of the Systematic Analysis and Propagation of the Leading Universities' Best Practices. Pp. 5-9
    KLEMESHEV, A.P., KUKSA, I.Yu. Administration of Academic Programmes as a Factor of University Modernization. Pp. 10-20
    Higher Education Pedagogy
    BEDNYI, B.I., KUZENKOV, O.A. Integrated "Academic Master's - PhD" Educational Programs. Pp. 21-32
    LUKASHENKO, M.A. Between School and Business: What Can Higher Education Add to Its Arsenal? Pp. 33-41
    POPOVA, N.G., KUZNETSOVA, L.B. Teaching Academic English to PhD Students in Russia: a Posse ad Esse. Pp. 42-49
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2016 Sociology of Education
    DEMKINA, E.P. Students' Healthy Lifestyle in the Educational System: How Not to Miss the Point? Pp. 50-55
    BABINTSEV, V.P., BASALAY, S.I, BOLOTIN, I.S., SILKINA, N.A. Organization of Students' Career Guidance Using Road Mapping Technology. Pp. 56-63
    TEMNOVA, L.V., MALAKHOV, F.V., VOSKANYAN, E.S. Conceptual Approaches to the Career Studies. Pp. 64-71
    Crossroad of Opinions
    SHESTAK, V.P. Higher School Teaching Environment (About the "Patterns"). Pp. 72-79
    Pages of History
    KUZNETSOVA, N.I. Soviet Philosophical Underground: Practices of Surviving. Pp.80-91
    DYATCHENKO, L.Ya. National Research University: Social and Technological Experience of Creation and Development. Pp. 92-100
    University Life
    Voronezh State University: Semper in Motu
    ENDOVITSKY, D.A. Voronezh State University: Traditions, Innovations and "Line of Development". Pp. 102-106
    CHUPANDINA, E.E. Organization of Educational Activity at the University. Pp. 107-112
    DAVYDENKO, T.M. University Innovation Cooperation with Business Community. Pp. 112-117
    BUBNOV, Yu. A. Academic Personnel Management at Classical University. Pp. 118-121
    POPOV, V.N. Program-Oriented and Goal-Oriented Approach to Research Planning. Pp. 122-126
    ENDOVITSKY, D.A., SHAMAEV, V.G. Military Education at a Non-Military University: the Road to Stability. Pp. 127-131
    BELENOV, O.N. International Cooperation as a Top-Priority Activity of the University. Pp. 132-137
    GRISHAEV, O.V. Student Affairs, Social Development and Students' Extracurricular Activities at Voronezh State University. Pp. 137-142
    Discussing a Problem
    TSYGULEVA, M.V., FEDOROVA, M.A. Development of Reflexive Environment at Technical University. Pp. 143-149
    KUZNETSOVA, E.M. Competency-Based Standards of Education: Problems of Implementation. Pp. 150-155
    Facts, Comments, Notes
    MIKHAILOV, O.V. Alternative Versions of Periodic System of Chemical Elements in the Educational Process. Pp. 156-160

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