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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 5-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    GREBENEV I.V., CHUPRUNOV E.V. Problems of teacher education from a position of a research university. Pp. 5-11
    NAVODNOV V.G., MOTOVA G.N. Development of accreditation in Russian higher education: history and future. Pp. 12-20
    MIKHAILOV N.N., VLADIMIRSKIY B.M. Development and implementation of modern education policy of higher education institution. Pp. 20-26
    Crossroad of opinions
    SENASHENKO V.S., KHALIN V.G. On the effective contract in higher school of Russia. Pp. 27-36
    POSTNIKOV S.N., ANDRIENKO A.V. Effective contract in higher school: the implementation practice. Pp. 37-45
    ALAVERDOV A.R. Evolution of strategic approaches to motivation of the university teaching staff. Pp. 45-53
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2015 Jubilee
    Kazan National Research Technological University celebrates its 125th anniversary (Interview with G.S. D'yakonov). Pp. 54-62
    IVANOV V.G. Training of engineering educators and additional professional education system as an integrative basis for Research University. Pp. 63-69
    KOCHNEV A.M. Network-based education. Pp. 69-74
    ABDULLIN I.A., DRESVYANNIKOV A.F. Scientific and scientific-production activity of national research university. Pp. 74-80
    ALYAEV V.A., ZIYATDINOVA J.N. New ideology of international cooperation. Pp. 81-85
    ABUTALIPOVA L.N. SULYAYEV N.I. Modern youth policy. Pp. 86-90
    OVSIENKO L.V., KAYBIYAYNEN A.A. University as a centre of talent attraction: working with gifted children. Pp. 90-96
    Sociology of education
    FILIPPOV V.M., PUZANOVA Zh.V., LARINA T.I. Russian participation in the project Eurostudent V in the context of the Bologna process. Pp. 97-102
    GOLUBUSHINA K.K., VINOGRADOVA I.A., KLYUCHKO O.I., SAMOSADOVA E.V. Goals of professional development of teacher training university students and teachers-practitioners: the survey results. Pp. 103-110
    SKAKOVSKAYA L.N., MEDVEDEVA O.N., MIDORENKO D.A., POTEKHINA A.V., ZHDANOVA O.V., SUPONEV N.P. Information systems for evaluation the quality of graduation qualification theses. Pp. 110-114
    Discussing a problem
    KLIMOVA E.K., POMAZINA O.A. Training technology to overcome adaptation barriers. Pp. 115-119
    GONIK I.L., YUROVA O.V., TEKIN A.V., FETISOV A.V. ,CHESNOKOV O.K. Student Olympiad: problems and prospects. Pp. 119-124
    DEMIDOV G.V. Religious education in post-secular society. Pp. 124-131
    Education Online
    STARODUBTSEV V.A., SHAMINA O.B. Content curation in network educational events. Pp. 132-139
    AIDROUS I.A.Z., ASMYATULLIN R.R. World experience in usage of distance learning technologies. Pp. 139-145
    PATARAKIN E.D. Learning analytic to facilitate group network collaboration. Pp. 145-154
    Pages of history
    IBRAGIMOV I.G., BAULIN O.A., ZABIROV F.Sh. About the Ufa period in the history of the Moscow Petroleum Institute named after I.M. Gubkin. Pp.155-160
    Facts, comments, notes
    BOGDANOVA I.N., KADYROVA Kh.R. The problem of migration of monotown youth. Pp. 161-163
    POSPELOVA A.A., TSURTSUMIA R.R. Multifunctional environment of University library as a motivator for student self-dependent work. Pp. 164-167

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