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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 5-2013 :.

    Modernization practice
    Belotserkovsky A.V., Kravtsova L.A., Dozhdikov À.V. Independent assessment of bachelor’s quality. P. 3-12
    Borovskaya M A., Masych M.A., Shevchenko I.K. Principles and applications of effective incentive contract in research and teaching staff in higher school. 13-20
    Rubin B. Yu., Kovalenko A.A., Semkina T.A., Soboleva E.A. About approaches to creation of all-Russian quality assurance agencies register. P. 20-34
    Crossroads of opinions
    Donskih O.A. A Matter of competency-based approach. P. 36-45
    Rovotova A.S. Teacher’s reflections about the purport of master courses. P. 45-50
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 5 2013 Jubilee
    Ukhta State Technical University: new challenges and new decisions
    Tskhadaya N. Developing the university in Ukhta: an Arctic turn. P. 64-69
    Kuleshov V.E., Yurchenko O.V. USTU as the core of innovative territorial cluster "Oil and Gas Technologies". P. 70-75
    Sotnikova O.A., Fedotov N.S., Belyaeva O.I. Didactic system of university technical complex. P. 76-81
    Pulkina V., Korshunov G. The role of territory branding in university development of international relations. P. 81-86
    Bezgodov D.N. About the competence-based technology for educational environment survey. P. 86-93
    Bashkirov S., Vasilyev Y. Structuring of the campus community and the educational work strategies. P. 94-99
    Discussing a problem
    Blinov V.I., Batrova O.F., Esenina E. Yu., Faktorovich A.A. Modern approaches to the qualifications assessment. P. 100-106
    Minin M.G., Zakharova A.A., Safyannikov I.A., Vehter E.V. Îrganization of engineering and technology bachelors training process for project and design activity in Tomsk Polytechnic University. P. 106-113
    Bogun V.V. Application of remote accounting projects when teaching mathematics. P. 114-119
    Dukanich L.V., Korobeynicova S.V. Process management in Russian business education. P. 119-123
    Higher education abroad
    Ablameiko S.V., Gusakovsky M.A. Participation in international university rankings as a factor of improving the quality of teaching and learning. P. 124-135
    Migunova D. Actual problems of modern business-education (based on foreign studies review). P. 136-144
    Razumov A.E. A long way to the Man (sources, ideals, ideologies). P. 145-153
    Editorial mail
    Pakulyak S.Z., Gorokhov V.G. The history of science from the philosophical point of view. P. 154-156
    Abramov P.V. Light of personality. P. 157-159
    Titovich I.V. On the way to forming the integrated educational space. P. 160-161

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