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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 4-2019 :.

    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    V.S. SENASHENKO, E.P. STRUCHKOVA. Educational Model is an Important Factor Influencing on Conjugation between Higher Education and Labor Sphere. Pp. 9-20
    S.D. REZNIK, O.A. SAZYKINA. Organization of Research Activities at University Department: Management Mechanisms for "Uncontrollable" Scientists. Pp. 21-36
    A.I. VASIL'EV. Quality and Competitiveness in the System of Higher Education: Aspects of Interrelation. Pp. 37-43
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    S.A. SMIRNOV. City-Campus, or Educational Space of the City. Methodological Construct. Pp.44-59
    O.A. DONSKIKH, L.Yu. LOGUNOVA. Teacher and Pupil: Happiness of Interaction. Pp.60-71
    A.E. RAZUMOV. Faith, Understanding, Proof. Pp.72-80
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2019 Higher School Pedagogy
    S.N. DVORYATKINA, V.S. KARAPETYAN, S.A. ROZANOVA. The Plurality of Goal-Setting in Pedagogical Activity: Integration of Mathematics on a Chessboard. Pp. 81-92
    A.O. BUDARINA, K.L. POLUPAN. Digital Quality Management in Higher Education. Pp. 93-97
    Yu.G. BYCHENKO, T.M. BALANDINA. Improving the Military Vocational Training of Cadets at Military Institute. Pp. 98-107
    Internationalization of Education
    T.L. GURULEVA, BEDAREVA N.I. Cooperation between Russia and China in the Creation of Network Universities and Joint Educational Institutions. Pp. 108-123
    O.P. MARINENKO. The Role of University Teachers in the Assistance to International Students. Pp. 124-133
    Education Online
    D.V. MALTSEV, E.M. GENSON, D.S. REPETSKIY. Electronic Study Guides for Applied Bachelor's Degree Programs. Pp. 134-141
    S.A. DERYABINA, T.A. DYAKOVA. Forming Information Literacy of a Foreign Language Teacher in the Conditions of Digital Era. Pp. 142-149
    A.A. POLONNIKOV. Searching for the Language of Didactic Differences (Review of the book by Dorotą Klus-Sta?ską "Paradigms of didactics. Thinking theoretically about practice"). Pp. 150-159
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Small Reviews (About the Event of Thought and the Crisis of Subject). Pp. 160-167

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